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How they have fun in Quebec


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187000lbs Snow Dog I was there.Its better in person

Thanks Alex, I was trying to figure it out from other videos.

Hopefully i can get to it one day. Everyone I know that has been, says its a great time.

I will post a link to a youtube video of the Franco R700. It starts at the 2:25 mark .


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well snowdog once I got onto youtube man was I educated I told the princess we gonna have to go for a look next year she didnt say no either that or its going on the bucket list thanks for educating me :twothumbsup:


Unfortunately my education is similar to yours , from youtube. My education of Australian road trains is from the same place, youtube.

Hopefully one day I can see both, Notre Dame rodeo, and go to the other side of the world to see some cool road trains!



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