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Superliner for Sale in Illinois


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84'Superliner 42" sleeper.4valve 350 Mack motor.10spd fuller.3.87 Mack rears on neway air ride,new arms.Motor was rebuilt by Chicago Mack.320,000 on rebuild with papers.Call Tom Powell (630)337-6419.No calls after 9pm central.

Asking $13,000.00


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On 2/17/2017 at 8:46 AM, DanielG said:

Is the sleeper for this truck still around anywhere? need one bad for my Magnum project

Did you buy the Magnum that just sold last week on Ebay? Was in your area. A sleeper for a Superliner went with it.

Live every day like it's your last, because one of these days, it will be.

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4 hours ago, storkmack said:

We have an R,CV, and a CH that can hit in the 24-24,500 empty depending on how much fuel they have on and that's with common spec'd hoppers.    25000 is very obtainable if you go with the light wieght options on the trailer.  

I'm 26400 with 1/2 tanks which is around 150 gals so I figure the light trailer will knock close to a 1000 off so it shouldn't be too hard to hit.

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30 minutes ago, thomastractorsvc said:

Why not just sell it complete?  Or trade for one without a sleeper?

What year and specs?

Because I've spent too much on this one and have about everything fixed with it. In other words I know this truck can't afford to take a risk with an unknown truck

It's a 88 with a 350 mack, mack 10sp, mack rears on Neway air

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