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Did Mack ever make an a/c system that was any good?

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I've never been around an R model with a very good air conditioner. Two years ago, I changed the coil, control panel, expansion valve, lines, and condensor on my RD, but it still leaves alot to be desired. I'm going to Dynamat the interior, and I'm sure it will help. I hate to get away from everything being factory, but I'm thinking about replacing the heat and a/c dash unit with an older style R model heat only box, and installing a Red Dot unit that bolts to the back of the cab, between the seats. The guy that bought my last R model did it and that thing will freeze you out when it's 100+ degrees outside, which it tends to do in Arkansas in the summer time. What do y'all think? Good idea or should I leave it like it is and tweak on something else?


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Mack Trucks never produced HVAC systems.

Evans (vendor 2790) produced the 3-speed R/U/DM heaters.

Kysor of Byron (vendor 7979) produced an integral R/U/DM heater/air conditioner (Mini Brute) that was uniquely used in glider kit production, and was also available thru Mack dealers as a retrofit kit.

Introduced in the early 1980s, Signet (vendor 3230) was the first integral heater/air conditioner for the R/U/DM.

Red Dot (vendor 4379) later became the integral heater/air conditioner for the R/U/DM with a superior performing design. A Red Dot HVAC system also replaced the Signet unit in late model MH production.

Red Dot was again chosen to supply HVAC for the CH/CL.

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My AC works GREAT...in December. Winter is about the ONLY time you'll get cold air blowing out of my vents...but only 'til the engine gets up to temp. Then it's nice & toasty warm. The air conditioner in my CH wasn't working when I bought it. Knocked 40 pounds off my empty weight and cleared a lot of under-hood clutter when I removed everything AC related from under the hood. Hell, I always drove with the windows down anyway...never was one to use the AC even if it worked.

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My former employer had a few of these Red Dot units in his R models, including the one in my avatar. The air was ice cold, my only complaint was the lack of outlets at the far ends of the dashboard. That was just part of life in an R model.

Edit: I'm unable to quote or copy & paste for some reason. If interested, you can go to www.cstk.com It's listed under aftermarket units.


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Well my superliner was not so good until I set a red dot condenser on top of the cab.The problem with the superliner 2 was that the fan did not pull enough air thru the condenser on the front when sitting at idle.There is no positive sealing around the rad or air/air cooler so that should have been designed different.

glenn akers

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I am not a huge fan of the A/C in the R series either, a CH or newer wide cab Mack does a better job, however when I put two layers of dynamat throughout the cab and a layer of heat shield under the cab on my 84 Superliner I had to turn it down, it makes a HUGE difference, all the radiant heat from the engine, transmission and exhaust kills those trucks and there's not much in the roof and walls to keep the heat out either. Im planning on using Dynamat xtreme throughout the cab interior, then adding 1/8" or 1/4" dynaliner to the floor and firewall and 1/2" dynaliner to the roof, then use Hoodliner under the cab and possibly on the firewall. I checked out an install of the dynaliner at a body shop in town and it is awesome. I only had dynamat to choose from when I did my last RW so I put two layers on the firewall, floor and roof and one layer everywhere else, then got the high heat foil insulation under the cab. I can tell you it made a ridiculous difference in sound too, before I did the install it was hard to hear on a phone and others could hear background noise, after I could set it on the dash on speaker and nobody heard squat.

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had a 87 U model,,,that worked real well,,,but a 86 cruiseliner that i had to modify a little,,,wound up putting an extra duct on top of dashboard for a nice blast in the face,,,big differance,,,drove allotta trucks in the 70,s without AC but at 57,,,just aint gonna happen now.lol...bob

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