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New Guy with an old Truck.....

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nice R700. looks like its in nice shape except that cursed bent driverside cowl. looks like someone backed up with the door open and caught it. my R600 cab has the same thing and im thinkin on how to fix it myself to bend the whole door jamb back. I wouldn't be stickin any Detroit in that R700, might get some knives thrown at ya

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Dan Thomas just finished restoring a single axle R719,and as far as I know,it's the only restored one around.

I have a '68 R719ST spec'd like yours with the heavy rears,but the V8 was replaced with a 237 Maxidyne. I have a twin turbo 864 to put back in it someday.If you do decided to take yours out,don't throw anything away,I might need some pieces,but if I were you,I'd leave it in and fix it.

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