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thermodyne motors


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Well im against scrapping them the diesel would make a good parts motor or a spare if it runs. It looks to have alot of specific accessories on the head but may be a good long block canidate. The gasser with the butane/propane set up is what it is. A good engine but not very common and it drinks fuel (on gas they did i assume propane wouldnt be any better) i really doubt that you would be able to sell it but i hope so. It would make a good power plant for a whole house generator especially being lp. The 673 again if it runs has some value but id say more around the $500 mark, and with scrap $200 a ton id say the gasser at about 3-400. Just my opinion from my neck of the woods

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definitely good useable parts on both. there are some oddball parts on both that are useable and im betting there is not many LP injected manifolds for old 707's around if any. id say 500 for the pair is more feasible and they would move, especially without knowin the internals. engines usually are not out of a truck unless there is a problem with them, the 707 by itself is a boat anchor but has useable parts on it. the backdrop manifold on the 673 is worth saving along with the aluminum bell housing, pulleys and other parts.

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