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Old Mack prices in the South...

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People seem to want INSANE prices down here,not sure if they ever sell???I found a cpl. B's sitting in fields,not run for many years.Solid trucks but 6-7K and they were sinking into the earth!


"ASKING" and "GETTING" two different things- world is full of clueless people

Oh I hear ya,but the majority of what I've seen for sale is priced high.

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But it seems the Exporters pay the "big buck" and get a "big buck" in return. So that is why you have the "dreamers". And then there are guys like me who don't have the "big bucks". So we sit on the porch and watch the world go by.


PRR Country and Charter member of the "Mack Pack"

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Yeah that one is high for sure, however the truck prices here south of IN,IL,WV,VA and north of the coast are higher than the northern trucks because they dont get the yearly salt bath and are not as prone to rusting in half. I have seen several trucks guys are still running that if they were up norht would be complete rust buckets and barely restorable, when I worked for Howard Baer it was amazing to me the difference in the trucks from one city to another. I remember going to Cincinnattii OH, and Detroit MI, and looking at the same trucks we were running out of the Nashville TN, Murfreesboro TN, and Atlanta GA offices the comparison was ridicluous, we had 96/97 model Mack CH's running milk in Atlanta everyday and up north they had 2001's that were falling apart with almost no paint left on the frame. I think they got rid of the last 97 CH from Nashville back in about 2006 but they were already selling the 2001/2002 KW's and Freightliners that went to MI,OH.

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I've drove by that fire truck many times, playing scale dodge......I mean just driving around town, but everything that guy has setting around is insanely overpriced... Can you guys save a spot for me to set on the porch with ya? I don't have that kinda money laying around

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