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  1. Thanks, I have others if you want to see them. How did 3 pics get on my post?
  2. The greed bug. There is no shortage of B-Model fire trucks. As much as I like them, PASS. That's probably what the truck cost new.
  3. When my Grandfather sold that truck, it had close to 200,000 on it. It would run several days a week between Clifton and Bayonne, 2 or 3 trips a day. There was also 2 men, a father and son, who had tractors of their own who hauled for a tank line called Ritter. If one of their tractors was down, my Grandfather would let them borrow the Dodge, so, it was kept running even if we weren't using it. Things were much simpler back then. To repay my Grandfather for the use of the truck, on weekends they would haul oil for my Grandfather, using this truck, for free. Whenever they borrowed it, the
  4. Was purchased by my Grandfather in 1954. Pic taken when truck was new. Had a 6 cyl. 413 C.I. (only used that year)
  5. Here's a 1968 CF that has been in my firehouse since new. It was retired in 2008 and the town turned it over to the Fire Co. who currently maintains it.
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