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Hoods & Fenders - 85LS


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Can any of you veterans give me a lesson on fenders and Hoods for L model fire engines? I have seen posts that they are different but really don't know what the differences are.. I havent really found any info in Harvey's books. I am looking to find front fenders, and an L Model Hood for my 54 85-LS... Thanks in advance...

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It is talked about on page 71 of Harvey's L model book. About 1949 they switched from a narrower highly crowned front fender to a wider front fender. I have a '51 85LS and used to have a '50 85LS and both had the wider front fender. I personally like them better, contrary to what Harvey says. Especially with the wider front bumper and chrome windshield trim in the semi open cabs. Also, I think someone said the L fire apparatus may have had different front fenders than the over the road trucks/tractors?

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You might try Cal Little Hummelstown PA 717-566-8973 . He has several L fire apparatus and plenty of parts. and a close friend of Harvey Eckert and John Chalmers. Also Watts Mack may still have some L fire trucks .

The early L fenders with their peaked fenders i think look better because the tires are closer to the edge of the fender, but the running boards may have to be modified to fit.

Regular L trucks share the same sheet metal as the fire trucks

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