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A few macks for sale on the west coast


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These are not mine just thought i would post them

1949 Mack Model EE - $7500


70's Mack truck R763S - $3000


1979 Mack tractor - $3900


1972 mack - $3500


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Seems like stuff out there is really decently priced, or is it me? If that E model was out here on the east coast they'd want 20 grand for it, and the R model would have a 8 thousand dollar price tag. Maybe I should buy a truck out there, but I don't think there are too many U models.I love the Superliner, even if it has a Cummins.


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That F is sweet! It does have center point...I don't like the look, but they do stay straight on the road better.

I always thought the center-point with aluminum rims gave a truck the "west coast" look, but I also prefer the look of a traditional axle.


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