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Tar and Chipping Roads


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Here's how I've spent my week in this heat. 99% of the time I drive truck for a construction company were I live, weather it be pulling a n end dump, belly dump, tanker, float, or just driving a tri axle dump truck, most of my work revolves around a truck, but on occasion I do get stuck on most of the machines from time to time. Last week I was off for 3 days because my dad passed away so I had a short work week 1 day hauling tar with a tanker and a full day of floating equiptment on Friday getting things set up for Monday. Since Monday I've been stuck on a rubber tire roller with the tar and chip crew baking in the sun no a/c not even an umbrella been wearing a straw hat the last 2 days to keep from cooking my brain. And the kids on the spreader been leaving enough piles of stone all over that I have to rake out or move off the road, so I been on and off the machine all day. I usually don't mind doing it but we have all the junior guys in new air conditioned trucks, none of them did their time in any of the old beaters we used to have. I figure I should be able to loose about 30lbs by weeks end, there is a plus side to this. Here's some pics of the mess we made today near the north shore of Lake Erie near Point Pelee Provincial Park. A nice piece of German Enginering, the old Hamm roller with an air cooled Deutz engine can't kill the stupid thing.post-814-0-28795300-1374114685_thumb.jpg









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sorry for you Dad , I'm sure it is a very big loss to you. only three days off for that kind of loss is short .

on the other issue you state that the Hamm as a Deutz air cooled and it keeps tiking , that means those

engine are very tough.

For the Jr they are not the same breed as we are. thay might be bigger stronger better fed but will power is different.

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First-my condolences to you and your family

Them new kids don't know how to work in the heat. If they were out side, maybe 1/2 a day is all you would get from them

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Back tar and chipping roads again today. It figures I show up figuring on getting put on that darned rubber tired roller again the temp was only about. 70 degrees today and I get to drive a tri axle dump today, I'm not complaining though got to drive a new Granite today.

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I was always amazed at the town guys upstate by me in Sullivan County NY at how good they were with going up hills in their big single axle Inters and Kenworths backwards at a good clip dumping into the chip laying machine.


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Sorry to hear about for Father. I was in a truck 3 weeks ago with no ac and the temp was 104 with a heat index of 110. Add the heat from the asphalt in the bed and it was 120 at head level in the cab. I have been doing night work on I-95 near Kings Domion, hauling millings. It seems that 4 wheelers are even more crazy at night then during the day. Between backing with bright lights in your mirror to trying to get up to speed and merging onto the highway, some nights it's a e-ticket ride. :-). This should look familarure to ya. http://youtu.be/DFR4MW9YuK8

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