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  1. Check out http://t.co/9wbkjUTJEf http://t.co/7ua43Isrz0
  2. Welcome Axel! The most important thing you could find for your new Mack, is this forum. Everything else is downhill from here Brother!!!
  3. :clap:That was truley genius as well as having the ability to use the resources around you!
  4. Welcome and remember to always post a pic when replying. My view inside my Mack.
  5. I have had a hankering for some low country boil lately. I think I will cook some up this weekend. It breaks my heart that I have to pay $180.00 for a busshell of crabs when we used to use chicken necks for free. Never heard of Jedburge but have been to Summerville many times. Drive safe, work safe.
  6. Hey Brother, hope you don't mind but I flipped your video so it is right side up. I kept it in the same format but it is to large to up-load. The new file size is 6.67 MB and the limit is 5 MB. You can click here to see it.
  7. Sweet looking ride! How much free wax did they give ya?
  8. Thanks for the discount Barry. I would like to order two of these please.
  9. Welcome Katie and what he said. What part of SC? I used to live in Beaufort and Blufton back in the late 80's.
  10. Lightning bolt comes on the dash, alternator goes bad. Voltage regulator fried. I pulled it last night and left it for our shop to play with.
  11. Thank you. They sold my baby two days ago. I got her sister truck. Looks just like her only 4 years newer. So far so good!
  12. Bingo! You nailed it. That is just what they said! I asked them how do I adjust a door that has NO adjustments and the reply was, "We'll get back to you". Here again, you nailed it. Their advice was that we need to replace all the dash panels because the circuit boards have gone bad. My reply, "How about I just pull a $1.25 fuse!!!! Either that or just trace the wire to the buzzer and slap a toggle switch in between them. They are going to have to hoe a long row to get me back in their "Good Graces". I think I will see about just going with straight gauges, verses idiot lights.
  13. If it gets to deep Brother, I will just slap 97,000 of 26A to make it a little more shallow! I run around Laurel all the time. Mostly at their asphalt plant. Pretty country when you get away from the beltways. Thank you for the kind words. Keep the Faith Brother!
  14. Thanks for the heads up Brother. I will place the date on my cal. I would also like to thank everyone again for the warm welcome!!!!!!
  15. Night Work ChristianTruckersForum Net: http://t.co/faHW9NcyrE via @youtube

  16. That's Just Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay To Funny!
  17. Thanks for the warm greetings. You nailed it brother, I live in Manassas and run out of Chantilly. Sent from my iPhone.
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