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Pictures of the Week

other dog

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I think I saw Mike in Ohio, he's the only one I know who drives a plane.


I saw a blue Fleetstar dump truck too.


And A red Mack truck.


This is a really sharp looking DM tractor with a long snout, red and black. Has a for sale sign on it too. It's in a bad spot to get a good picture of it going south, almost missed it altogether. But you can see it has a nice looking left headlight and fender.


Got a "would have been" great picture of the Superliner in full sunlight. Unfortunately I had accidently zoomed the camera all the way in, so it sucks.


Sharp looking Peterbilt in Fairplain, W.V.


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Nice C130, oh wait there's other pics here, I mean ill take the one in the last pic anywhere she wants to go she don't need a bus ticket.

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