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Questions - R-Model VIN Plate/Sticker Cornfusion

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Folks -

You know you're a Mack newbie when... I'd posted what I thought was a 1987 RS686ST for sale (owned by someone else), and a number of guys replied questioning its actual model year. Yesterday, I went back to the truck and took photos of the VIN plate and the DOT manufacturer sticker (sorry, don't know what else to call it) on the door frame. The VIN plate shows a manufacture date of 11/78, 300HP motor, which seems to jive better with the comments I was getting - so I'm clear there. Looks like it was put on with Phillips heads.

The sticker on the back of the door frame (I think that's where it is) shows a different VIN and a later date (10/87) in the upper right-hand corner; which is where I got the 1987 from.


1.) What is the meaning of the sticker - and what are some reasons why that information doesn't match what's on the plate? Cab from another truck maybe? Was the VIN plate taken from the old cab and attached with screws instead of rivets, then?

2.) If it's a straight 5-speed, is it a safe assumption it's a Maxidyne even if it doesn't say so on the (fiberglass) hood?

Pics attached -

Thanks a lot,




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