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  1. Truck is overall 30' length with a steel flatbed, just under 10' high at stack. 18,000 lbs. empty weight, single rear-axle. Runs/drives fine but not sure if it's wise to take on a three-hour drive in the winter. Thank you.
  2. The best part is that he was so excited to give it to you! Congratulations - both on the truck and the dad!
  3. All - I don't have pictures of this, but on the spoke wheels of the front axle of the rollback I'm looking at, the wheel studs at first appear to be various lengths. I'm thinking it's more likely though they're all the same length, but some have backed out due to some of the the lug nuts having seized at some point. I'm curious as to how serious a repair it is to re-install/replace the studs, I've never had to deal with spokes before. The truck sports 11.00X22.5 tubeless tires. Thanks, Brad
  4. Folks - Last Saturday, my friend Mark and I braved the PA TPK salt storm and headed north to see the RollBrock. By the time we got there, the owner had to clean 5-6" of snow off for us. Usually for-sale pictures can hide flaws, but in person I can say I was not disappointed. Besides the body work/paint which I'd rate excellent for being done outdoors in a driveway, there's new 5" exhaust w/resonator, alternator, hydraulic hoses, etc. Interior is about 80% there - needs headliner, door panels and some sound insulation; also the brake valve should be replaced with one that has a better angle off the floor. The truck is pretty clean underneath as you'll see; I'm thinking sandblasting and paint should help (note it still has the wood bed under the steel). Frame stretch is holding up well. The restoration work was done in an amazingly short period of time, basically again, by the owner in his driveway in his spare time. It was too snowy/salty to start it and take it for a ride, if all goes well that will be the next visit. I have a question re: the spoke wheels - separate thread. As far as next step - talking with the Dave the Insurance Guy hopefully in the next week. Thanks for following along.
  5. All - Wanted to say a quick thanks to everyone who chimed in on the thread with good opinions, pictures, and videos . Brocky, thanks especially for Tom's info, we had a nice e-mail chat. Next step - a fellow truckaholic and I have a visit scheduled up north next Saturday the 17th for an in-person look. More to come... Thanks again, Brad
  6. Exterior picture doesn't appear to have loaded - let me try here.
  7. All - Long-time lurker here. On and off I've been looking for a decent single-axle diesel with a longer wheelbase and flat bed. Lo and behold there is a '69 358 Brockway rollback for sale outside of Binghamton, NY that I am interested in purchasing and keeping as an antique here in PA (north of Phila). Owner is asking $12K. We've spoken on the phone, seems like a knowledgeable guy; this is his 20th Brockway, bought his first at age 13. He has done a lot of work on the truck and has two other truck projects going right now. Some details - Single-axle Brockway 358, Nh230 cummins, 5 speed with air shift 2 speed rear. Recently painted, fiberglass fenders, currently licensed and inspected. Maxis, tubeless rubber, can do up to 65 mph flat out in high range. 22' rollback bed, everything works according to the owner. Interior partially restored (dashboard and seats done - door panels need to be finished). Originally was a tractor, was later lengthened and bed was added; lived on a farm and fell into neglect. Current owner purchased it and restored it to current condition; he hoped to use it for more towing but just hasn't. As you can see from the pictures it's no garage queen, but looks like a solid driver. This would be my first (and only) big truck. So before I head up to look at the truck I'm interested in what you guys think of the truck's condition vs. price ($12K as noted above). Obviously, I will need to visit in-person at some point to get more info, but thought I'd run this info past the group first. Pictures attached - I have a couple more but these should get things kicked off. Thanks for your help, Brad
  8. Here is a DM tandem-axle rollback - buy-it-now price of $9500, at only 146K miles? No connection, unfortunately! http://www.ebay.com/itm/ROLL-BACK-Tow-Truck-MACK-DM-Diesel-22-Foot-Bed-Winch-Rolloff-Jerr-Dan-Wrecker-/111982320451?forcerrptr=true&hash=item1a12aa9b43:g:tK8AAOSwD2pXFvSR&item=111982320451
  9. brad_kelly

    Mack b67t

    Hey Dom - Just a suggestion, if you don't get satisfactory results where the truck is currently on eBay, you may want to try posting in different categories under eBay Motors rather than the eBay Collectibles section (even though it's definitely a collectible truck!) - may get more traffic... - eBay Motors / Other Vehicles & Trailers / Commercial Trucks - eBay Motors / Cars & Trucks Take care, Brad
  10. Hello - I have a YA-642 Snap-on floor jack that needs to be rebuilt (leaked out, will not lift anymore). I have the repair kit but not the skills, and I'd rather not be killed by a falling vehicle due to my own incompetency. Does anyone have recommendations for a shop that could do a rebuild in southeastern PA - I live in Souderton. Thanks very much for any help, Brad
  11. *BUMP YET AGAIN* Price drop to $15,500. Someone really wants to sell this truck. http://harrisburg.craigslist.org/cto/5243160005.html
  12. *BUMP* - Price drop to $17K. http://harrisburg.craigslist.org/cto/5243160005.html
  13. All - Barn-found B-42 single-axle dump for sale on Craigslist - decent shape, but seems overpriced at $8K. If you need me to do recon, let me know this is about 10 minutes from where I live. No connection otherwise. Perkasie, PA is in Bucks County, just south of Quakertown. Thanks, Brad http://philadelphia.craigslist.org/cto/5267054106.html
  14. All - Found on Craigslist, a fully restored, sounds like a very complete job, and the price isn't that bad considering what you would have to get into in a decent project start to get to this point. The color - well, someone had some Chrome Yellow sitting around. But at least you'll find it in the parking lot. http://harrisburg.craigslist.org/cto/5243160005.html Brad
  15. All - No connection to me, seems decent for the money from what the pictures tell. Quarryville is (I think) about 10 miles south-southeast of Lancaster on US 222. No connection to me. Brad (hope this link works, I had to type it in by hand)... http://lancaster.craigslist.org/hvo/5207118118.html
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