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Alternator Question ?

Bobby Covert

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Don't know about you, but I do the work on my Mack as inexpensive as I can. Question being ,is it cheaper to have an alternator rebuilt or just by one at the parts counter rebuilt and exchange? Just like the "Snowman" I got a long way to go and a short time to get there!

Also, where do you find the serial number on a 237 ???



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Call Joe Bertino at Vineland Auto Electric in Vineland NJ. (They have a website, too.....google it...) They specialize in unique/antique automotive electrical systems. Joe himself has restored several Macks including an absolutely gorgeous 1937 Mack Firetruck. He can lead you in the right direction and may even be able to rebuild yours or might have an exchange unit in stock, obviously you would have to ship it to him. If/When you call or email him make sure you have the make/model/sn off the alternator.


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About ten years ago I took an alternator into a local shop that I had done a lot of business with. The owner told me $175 to rebuild. I told him the Mack dealer had them for $125. He told me "Maybe you should go there". I couldn't believe he let me walk out the door. I haven't been back since. The Mack dealer didn't have the rebuilt in stock so they gave me a new one for the rebuilt price. Sometimes you just get lucky. Moral of the story is shop around and see what's out there for price.

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We have a shop on L.I. called Gen -Rite and I've had a few Alternators done there that are Corvair Truck specific. Gen-Rite asked me if I wanted the alternator Re manufactured or Rebuilt. I ask what the difference was and learned the a rebuild has only the bad or worn parts replaced and a re manufactured has the bearings, brushes and other wear parts replaced and all the hard parts like the armature and stator checked and returned to factory specs. For a normal job I'll try to get new or a OEM re manufactured, not much difference in price and no waiting.


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Rebuild units are good if you know there are good quality components installed into.

Shops concurenting to each other and lowering prices. There are lots issues overhere because rebuilders use Indian or Chinese parts for. Most brand here is Bosch so too many sources of parts around this market. As for a new stuff it's usually third country's rebuilds painted and packed into cardbord. So quality is of the same level.

This way I prefere factory manufactured used units.

Factory new's are good but pretty damn expensive.

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I have had the same experience in the past. Thought my existing alternator was shot but took it to a local shop (Buckeye Electric-Painesville Ohio) who were more then helpful in checking things out. In the end they tested it for me and it ended up being okay. Saved me a ton of time, money, and frustration.


Hope this helps

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I got a positive ground alternator here http://www.metroheavyduty.com/ in Roanoke. I was gonna have them rebuild mine, but they had one on the shelf and it was only $120-some dollars exchange. They rebuilt the one I exchanged the first time, it had one of their stickers on it. Mine wouldn't have needed rebuilding, but somebody put new batteries in the truck once, and momentarily hooked the cables up backwards. :blush:

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