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Mack Days 2013 at Gerhart's- October 4th and 5th

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I'm sorry I missed it- but I have a great excuse....Honest!!!! I have never been to this one, and I was planning on coming this year with Small, Medium and Large. However, as many of you (who are my Facebook Friends) know, my father kinda sorta threw me a curveball- on Friday morning 9/27 he told my mom that he was having chest pains. To make a long story short, she got him to the ER in the car, and 20 minutes later he coded (died right there on the table in front of the Doctor....) They were able to get him back. He was sent right up to the cardiac cath lab, and got three stents installed. He almost croaked 2 more times in the cath lab. He was intubated and sedated until Tuesday. Then after he was awake, it looked as if he may have suffered a stroke or an anoxic brain injury. However he is slowly regaining his memory, and is a lot more conscious, alert and oriented. He is doing very well despite what he was through. I almost lost my best friend....and was not a happy camper there for a few days.

I've been a busy beaver the last week, going to work (which was the first week back after 12 days of vacation...so I had my hands full there.....) driving to the hospital (53 mile ride one way) and taking care of business in my own life......Ready to tear out my hair.


Sorry to hear about your dad. The Mack show is low on the priority list when something happens in the family. Best wishes to your dad for a full recovery and prayers also to dad, you, and family!


HOF City, PRR Country, and Charter member of the "Mack Pack"

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I have always liked the e9 powered LTL myself and the Mauro truck. and I agree with you about the exit numbers! god im pretty good with directions and got lost twice going to the show but its alright, two detours then the accident on brunnerville road that I had to go around but still got my fat ass there for the picture at noon. I was behind Matt pfahl's single axle green and black B61 with those big bullhorns and a 711 on the way back to 78. wow does that old 711 bark and haul ass!


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