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Here is the Superliner he sold. Mike still has one Superliner,a single axle wrecker. He also has a B67 with a rollback on it and these monster tri axle wreckers. I'm not sure how many B models he

Another Rich Johnson job.....KTI (Kaney Transportation,Inc.) of Rockford had this nice Value-Liner running for them.......Al

These pics were passed along to me from a friend. Lenzini's freshly redone R-model. Very sharp looking truck, but from the sounds of it we will not see it running around here. It will be going to his

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Thanks for sharing.

Interesting to see your neck of the woods.

You remember, I look for all the woods.

Никогда не бывает слишком много грузовиков! leversole 11.2012

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He put a new cab on The valueliner 3-4 years back. Bought a complete new Cab fron N.I.M with basic the interior. heard it was one of the few R cabs mack had left in stock. I bought his old western interior before he scrapped his old rusted cab. Truck has a 300+ think a 13 speed with camelback spoke rears, solid mount cab.

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Sweet. Ive got cousins in the Chicago area. Been there a couple times. I see alota Union Pacific trains out where they live, in Geneva IL. In their neighborhood, in the back I found an old DM block truck with a fence around it, busted out glass. I got in there though, haha, took a buncha picture, I'll have to scan them though because this was before I had a digital camera. Mighta been 09'.


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Thread is called Chicago R Models not Chicago U models. :)

Yeah they learned faster then the N.E. guys. Leaners turn to Flippers :whistling: Or they don't have the proper counter weight to keep it anchored

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