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Yankee Lines pictures

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My dad drove for Yankee Lines Akron Ohio from after he returned from ww2 till he retired in 1985.These are some old pictures my mom found and I wanted to share with you.Sorry about the quality,I dont have a scanner so I tried these with my camera...Mason Dixon bought Yankee Lines in the late 70s early 80s.....Jimpost-5924-0-38031600-1328717805_thumb.jppost-5924-0-38031600-1328717805_thumb.jppost-5924-0-22469600-1328717857_thumb.jppost-5924-0-56170200-1328717882_thumb.jppost-5924-0-56170200-1328717882_thumb.jppost-5924-0-83140000-1328717904_thumb.jppost-5924-0-11064200-1328717929_thumb.jppost-5924-0-36415500-1328717950_thumb.jppost-5924-0-05687200-1328717976_thumb.jppost-5924-0-89582800-1328718002_thumb.jp

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Like to mirror the others comments by saying thanks as well,i sure enjoy seeing pictures like these,its always a great find when something like this turns up un-expectedly,lost in an old shoebox,photo album,attic etc.................................................Mark

Mack Truck literate. Computer illiterate.

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