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  1. Not a great picture but some kids used to ride in style in a Mack E model bus. Was at Kemp's for years and is now in PA with some thoughts of a restoration.
  2. You are officially on your own. Lancaster Upholstery used to make a kit for the L model cardboard headliner and back of cab liner but they stopped producing it about 4-5 years ago. If you want to do your own. The cardboard can be purchased from Restoration Specialties as well as the edge welting. Also some folks have had upholstery shops do L interiors with vinyl, cloth or even leather! http://www.restorationspecialties.com/ They call it cowlboard.
  3. With the mirrors being on a sliding bracket, the H may have been a mobile home toter before it was parked.
  4. Good quality light is definitely on my list of critical shop equipment. Nothing worse than trying to do repair work in the dark!
  5. Check here in the BMT Wiki
  6. Interesting read. Mitchell's theory of maintenance needed some fine tuning...
  7. The sales of the H model from 1952-1962 for "regular" trucks. There was a limited run of the H-81 models used in some heavy duty applications until 1966. The G model ran from 59-62.
  8. That is a Mack W-71 built between 1953-1958.
  9. Fabulous project and looks great! Coastal has painted one or two trucks in the area.
  10. don't know where your are located but this one is in Cali. http://forums.justoldtrucks.com/152067/Cabovers-Headed-to-Scrap
  11. Put a new shed on your list for Santa!
  12. Life can get very busy. Thanks for bringing the good cheer!
  13. No pictures for you but it can be done with an electric pump. Also get a fuel pres. regulator so you don't cause grief with the carb needle and seat. 3-4 psi is all the pressure you will need if the rest of the system is in decent shape.
  14. Kemp's Baby Mack. A Mack model ED that had spent some of its life at the Abbott Machine Shop in Wilton, NH.
  15. Here is a link for the museum. https://www.macktruckshistoricalmuseum.org/
  16. Page 130 has a basic diagram. https://www.bendix.com/media/documents/BW1114QuickReferenceCatalog.pdf Is your wet tank getting any air? Can you hear the compressor kick in to build air?
  17. Pretty sure it was 34,000 lbs rating only. Mack used SWDL75, SWDL751, SWD75 or SWD751 as the bogie model identification for the inverted camel back suspension. Every so often there are brochures for Mack suspension that show up on ebay but I don't remember one for the inverted. The Mack Trucks Historical Museum should have some info that could be faxed?
  18. Nice wildlife pictures! I will wager that the rose in question is perfectly moist. Too bad the owner of the B couldn't store it inside. Really fading out the paint. Hope the ECM gets you back on the road. Turkey smoking day didn't work out too well. Glad it wasn't worse. New shed about 10 feet further from the house....?
  19. Happy Happy! Don't forget to baste the bird!
  20. Believe I remember the Litchfield truck but I am drawing a blank on the fire "C". Wish I could say that I have pictures of everything but some trucks were so packed in that would have been impossible.
  21. Dick Kemp's Mack Truck Museum was located in Hillsborough, NH. It was disbanded and auctioned after his passing. I am going to try and put all the photos I took of his trucks in this thread over time. Will start it off with Big Red which now has The Mahan Collection Foundation as its caretaker. The first picture was taken a few days in advance of the auction. The second picture is at the 2012 ATHS national show in Springfield, MA after the Mahan crew had applied some polish.
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