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  1. Good looking Allis! A buddy had an Allis B model I believe. He sold it about 10 years ago after maintaining it for the previous 10 years. Come to find out, the fellow that bought it off him had sold the tractor brand new. He had been the local Allis Chalmers dealer many years before.
  2. I have no trouble spending your money so I vote for Buy It. A 685 would have been born with a 237 Maxidyne and turbo (no cooling). Also a big fan of the X107 6 speed trans. Very versatile unit.
  3. Ahhh... I believe there is an Ohio based drag racer with a white B model that might be looking for a front axle swap.
  4. HO scale or Lionel would be in my budget!
  5. Classic lines and some nice pinstriping with a 350 under the hood.
  6. PT, there could be a cast of BMT characters that roll out of the woods to help work on the car!
  7. Wait a second! It's been to the New England show a couple years ago and Macungie last year. OK. So, it went to its first show THIS year. I see Herbie, Victor, DC and Red Horse taking pictures. That is a fine looking patch of grass. Where were you boys hanging out?
  8. OK. 1985 4 VH. Check with PAI and see what the specs are on their number ESP-3599. It is listed as a supply pump for the E6 4 valve head engines.
  9. It was listed as Nov. 2011.
  10. The B at Gerhart's.
  11. It is just off Munson Avenue in McKees Rock, PA if anyone wants a new project.
  12. What year engine? Is a rebuild kit offered for your original?
  13. I would say a red COE is parked behind and makes for a weird look.
  14. See the bottom picture for the location of the stamp.
  15. That is a little slow but I have seen worse. When did you last change the oil? Do you have the screen in the bottom of the pan and did you clean it? The screen is behind the 8" diameter cover if so equipped.
  16. That would be my plan as well. Get everything clean and then locate the issue after a little run time. It can be tough to chase a problem that is coated in dirt.
  17. A 262 HP Cummins would be found in a Mack B-733. Cummins engine designation would be NTO-6-BL, NTO or NTOL.
  18. Have you been able to talk to anyone at Band Box? https://bandboxclean.com/ Typo in photo caption.
  19. Flathead six banger EN-271 with a horn bolted to the head and a Fram canister oil filter in orange. A simpler time.
  20. Nice selection of trucks! Also nice that it isn't raining although I see a puddle in the yard. In my neighborhood, I can't remember when we had two sunny days in a row.
  21. Somewhere I heard or read that the track was abandoned and the rails pulled to where this engine is located. With no track, that may be a problem getting your auction win back home!
  22. I will have to head over for the test and tune. Haven't been to Epping in a couple of years.
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