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  1. Picking up a little compost in lexington I see.... I need to have a little talk with Marc Valenti on his choice of equipment.
  2. owned by the Pelletier's from the show "American Loggers" that ran on Discovery Channel
  3. That's cool, looks like it has small tires on it for an sx
  4. problem with the ceiling mounted units is if you bring in a truck or piece of equipment that has been out in the cold and you try to work under it, it blocks the ceiling unit. you end up under the truck that is radiating cold down on you while you work. Floor heat heats primary the first 6-8 feet and thats where I work. As for cost, its a lot more. In the 6k sq. ft building I am putting up it was like 8,500 for ceiling tubes or 39,000 for in the floor heat. I went in floor because I believe it is that much better.
  5. I dug mine today too Jack. We are soil sampling and compaction testing tomorrow, layout Tuesday, Footings Weds-Thursday and hopefully walls on Friday or next Monday.
  6. I saw a b-30 or B-42 (can't quite remember which) that had a Chrysler in it and the owner claimed it to be original. Any truth to that?
  7. really? I was under the impression they were made by mack and they also sourced engines from chrysler.
  8. A Mack gas is made by Mack not continental. I wonder if the truck has or had at some point a 1 speed axle and that is what the air shifter on the stick is related to?
  9. no connection http://newjersey.craigslist.org/clt/5537418641.html
  10. I just thought that the older heat/ ac unit had a couple rotary switches, not a rocker switch. maybe it is the wrong switch.
  11. if it is the older heat/ac unit it may only have 1 a/c, i am not sure.
  12. I believe it should open on regular Ac but not on max Ac. And yes its automatic not manual.
  13. I stopped by to see the Brockway on my way up from florida and I didn't see the EHU in the yard
  14. I just bought some 12r24 steer tires and some 11r24 drive tires (goodyear) for around $700 a piece
  15. good stuff, the only downside is it doesn't do as well with heat as some high quality petroleum based greases.
  16. maybe not a good idea to use never seize on a moving part. It is very abrasive and will work like grinding compound in there. It is intended for parts that are stationary such as threads....
  17. congrats on those awesome additions. That FH will be awesome when its done up. I went down and looked at it and I found the original fuel tanks and the shroud for it in his scrap pile out back. Did you get those? Plus you got that FW off of Chris, Huh?
  18. The difference in tanks has no bearing on wether the truck is an r or an rd, there are multiple options when spec'ing a truck
  19. In the new building I am doing the in floor radiant heat. You might consider doing at least the pipe in the slab because it is a on shot deal. I hear you can do it yourself for not to much cost. You can put a boiler or even just a water heater(for a 30'x30' it would work fine) later if you want.
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