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  1. Chris is missing the FC but Gary has the only one in existing that I know of
  2. I stand corrected. The truck you have posted with the yellow bumper and shell over the radiator appears to be an FW1C. The Nasin truck is an FW and the red one certainly is an FP. The FP was actually one of if not the most produced trucks in the F line up with 365 units produced. The FW was the least produced with 63 total between FW1C
  3. The trucks Vlad has posted are at Gary Mahan's. I don't believe the second one is an F but an L like fifth wheel posted. I have never seen on with the "soft radiator shell"
  4. No, they are not mine. They belong to Chris Barry. He gas an incredible collection of f model trucks.
  5. a beautiful survivor FW next to a beautiful survivor AC-6
  6. winches were used for multiple things on the old tractors. For self loading capabilities and to dump wench powered dump trailers. they were fairly popular Acs, F models, L models right into the b models. Today you don't see them as frequently. Mack actually used to produce there own wench.
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