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  1. I have the old signs under the paint....First it looks like was owned by a Bakery (on the rear side panels} ....then it was a owned by a Transfer Company...on the doors lastly. Both were in Ontario Canada. I have the names but I'll publish that after I get the regie in my name!
  2. I found a 37' Mack Jr Panel....guess it's super rare?? Found it in Southern BC..its pretty rusty...but I'm an alum/steel fabricator...Just picked it up last weekend.
  3. I recently aqquired a Mack Jr Panel....I don't know if it's a 1937 or 38...Lots of rust but I'm a fabricator....The chassis is pretty rusty...as are the rear doors...I have the 4 side panels. Truck was originally from Ontario, Canada. It seems the MJr Panels are pretty rare....I have only found 1 vintage picture and also a Lionel train sign on Ebay. Anyone got input?
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