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  1. I saw a Mack Titan in downtown DC this week.
  2. I was in WA DC this week and saw a lot of Macks working downtown. Caught this Titan.
  3. Here is a recent picture of a new Superliner being delivered in Australia. Note the unique exhaust mufflers? Never seen such large dia all the way to a small tip.
  4. I received a call from a man about a month ago trying to track Joe down. He had heard I ended up with the truck. As it turns out his father who was a life long trucker was on his death bed and asked that his son try to reach out to some of his old truckn buddies. His son told me his Dad was near 90 and they really doubted many would be around. so he was excited to know Joe was and that I had a number for him. He told me that Joe was the coolest trucker he ever knew and that he was like a grandfather to him when he remembered him as a young boy. I asked well how old are you? and he said something like 60.....which would make sense that by time he was 15 Joe was already mid 50's! anyways, Joe was able to make contact with them and I am sure it made his Dad's day. If any of you were at Fontana ATHS show when I had Joe out each day for a few hours at the H model it would be remembered. He drew a crowd around him like an ol preacher. The stories he told were priceless!! especially when an old trucker buddy he hadn't seen in years showed up. He can be seen in his black hat just memerizing the crowd!!
  5. Friend Mike McCay posted this on facebook. For those of you who don't venture over there!! I then posted my son Adlar and I with Joe in 2012 visiting him in Honolulu where he lives and is nearing 100yrs old! over 40 yrs of hauling freight in that ol H!
  6. Mark that makes sense it is a 520 series like others I have seen. I believe 1 is a single drive and a 3 is a tandem.?? The KW engineer that designed this truck went to work for Mack. The aluminum door frame extrusion and doors themselves were made by Budd for KW But KW never made a deal to keep Budd from selling them to others and so this guy knew it and designed the G model around it. Even the foot step was very similar. One difference is that KW didn't need a pole in the middle of the cab to keep the roof from flopping in the wind.
  7. that is not a K-100 as it was not introduced until 1963. This is the KW that Mack used as a copy to make the G model. Same doors except Mack lowered the handle and note the hinged door under the drivers window. These are fairly rare and use the numbering system much like the kw conventionals did at that time. A friend of mine has one he bought near new and drove it his entire working career. He also owned a few G models and knows every detail that both trucks shared. He had it at the Pleasanton ATHS show and it was the only one there.
  8. Here is a picture a friend of mine posted on the ATHS facebook today,. I remember this fleet well. In the Mack anniversary book one of the orange ones is a full page picture sitting up on the Siskiyou pass. The yellow one was owned by a friend throughout the 80's and he kept it looking good. I know where one of the FL sits but haven't been out there in awhile. Back then Mack even had a factory branch here in Medford, OR. Mack was a big seller then to the lumber industry.............another sad ending.
  9. When I toured the Pete factory last year all of the frame and components now say Paccar. Both KW and Pete share most every part. Talked to a few of the guys doing the rivet work on the old cab and they said that 8 out of 10 customers were still ordering that cab. And it was obvious looking at what was getting built on the line. But the highlight for the big shots was to display the robots building the new cab and touting how the old rivet cab would be ended soon.
  10. was the truck kept at Don Chews place in Colorado? He had some PIE history that went with it as well.
  11. I'm in too, as I posted awhile back I went up to Gearhart's for the Mack show. Great show as well as the people and the local area. Sure was sad as we rode through Hagerstown and saw the big Volvo Powertrain sign. Not even a scratch at showing Mack on any of the signs.
  12. Don't have a lot of history on it. Sold new as one of 2 identical trucks out of Montana, ended up in Wyoming with the same owner for many years. He retired and sold it to Osborne where it sat for a few years. Runs really good and no apparent issues. most likely I am going to offer it for sale. I did not put a fifth wheel on it just in case someone wants it for a truck chassis.
  13. a few more pics of the 83 that we have been cleaning up.
  14. I have 3 of the B755's all with the L cab. I have never seen a B7553 but there must of been a few. And yes they would have been a twin turbo. Most interesting to me is that they built the 864 which should have been considered an experimental engine, through 1972! Begs to ask why? and who for? Both the 865 and 866 were in production then! I attached a word doc on the production and years. Mack V8 Diesel Engines.doc
  15. Yes, it is. From the late 80's?
  16. Damn it, that is a lot or work! Saw an F with a V8 at Gearharts but rotted away. Looks like with a guy like you it could live again!
  17. Thanks for the update on the visor. I was at Gearhart's and I cannot believe after hours in the Superliner row I never looked at the visors! too much other eye candy on them I guess.
  18. My R719 is a single drive. 864 twin tubo. popular setup for doubles especially belly dumps.
  19. The 90 Valueliner I have came from the factory with 500hp, 18spd. The American Valueliner also had straight aluminum rails.........I believe?
  20. Here is the original Australian verson. Why would they call this a Valueliner when it was so different than the American version?
  21. Here is an update on the 83 I purchased in Wyoming from Osborne. We got the Mack build records and painted it back to the original colors except for the black inside the frame. V8 runs strong, Mack 9spd, Spicer 4spd, mack rears on air. Queston? does the mount and sunvisor look factory?
  22. Our lowboy Mack is an 05 with a Mack 18spd.........no problems at all. It is a stiff feeling shift but you get used to it. Mack rears are the undisputed mileage champs but really not necessary for highway use. I test drove the M drive and it is impressive.
  23. You got it all right there mate............should of added a urinal though...........gotta bad time from my blokes when I didn't put one in the man cave!
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