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  1. Az they say in Real Estate bizzness PositionPositionPosition n ready for action cya §wishy
  2. 'Whale Oil Beef Hooked' n only $45000.oo cya §wishy
  3. Ch@

    just tried again = Error code: 5H269/A cya §wishy
  4. Ch@

    Twaz in Ch@ for 20 minutes n wen U mouse over MORE the CHAT does not have a colored number sayn eye'm there cya §wishy
  5. Ch@

    R we gunna set up the chat room n make it user friendly? Start off by haveing a colored number on main page to show if anybody in the ch@ room cya §wishy
  6. Sure looks pretty hope U got plenty of elbow grease any pix of the trailer U B drag n cya §wishy
  7. Hi guys U could try this local joker in Oz (right side of Oz) [url=http://www.premieroneproducts.com.au] Clikity ..................................................ClikClikClik[/url] Cya §wishy
  8. My 2010 Titan has the ISX Cummins now 620HP ... 2050 ftlbs torque think n its a EGR .......................... not too sure of the litre capacity cya §wishy
  9. Whale Oil Beef Hooked
  10. LogTruckMan Gudday M8 most of the bling on the titan is Stainless steel a few pix of Titan with Hood tilted n also the 'R' Model
  11. WotCanEyeSay WotSezU? cya §wishy
  12. Or Shooting Clickity ......................................... ClikClikClik Cya §wishy
  13. OK Here m eye https://www.google.com.au/maps/@-37.8599046,145.2049452,230a,20y,41.69t/data=!3m1!1e3 cya §wishy
  14. Mackey58 Gudday M8 RE: haul in those hopper looking containers Guessn they cart Bauxite etc in the outback ______________________________________________________________ Logtruckman Gudday M8 dose the titan hood tilt and the radiator grill stay put looks like the hood and shell tilt over and leave the grill intact on the radiator here in OZ the hole hood n grill tilt & also not much chrome but lotsa stainless steel mack use cya §wishy
  15. Probly sum resident complained about the garbage pikup truck use n there brakes early in the morn n do n there rounds & woke m up ....so they complained to local council... then the signs appeared it has been proven th@ the sounds th@ trucks make is less than a out of control truck crashin thru the front of house YES in our big brown land down udder we also have stupid n wankers everywhere cya §wishy