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good afternoon, if someone can help me out. im having an electrical issue with my '98 mack ch6. i overhauled motor and transmission, and now i cant figure out why the truck has power if everything is killed, off completely. if someone has an idea please let me know i would appreciate it  

So the truck revs up to 16rpms and bogs down to 4rpms on idle. And it does that repeatedly also while being on idle. What I’m trying to figure out is if it is possibly the harness to the Bosch fuel injector pump. 

It has a 1997 Mack E7300 engine. 

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It may help to provide a little more info than what you have. Your information is pretty vague. I’m a little confused by what you’re trying to explain…I personally don’t know much about the Vmac2, but more info can help the guys that really do know help you out more. Like the two that have already commented. Have you checked for codes? Who knows it could be a FIC module….

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On 2/6/2023 at 11:27 AM, dominic said:

i overhauled motor and transmission

Was It all out of Frame..??

maybe a harness/wire has been pinched during the remove & re-Install..

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