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If Volvo sold Mack

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If Volvo sold Mack who would be potential suitors? It would have to be someone with a broad distribution network and money

Like Ford-GM-John Deere-Cat-Cummins-Navistar-Paccar-Fiat Chrysler-Daimler-Oshkosh

Ford may not have deep enough pockets but has the distribution network

GM -Deere-Cat-Cummins and Fiat have the  distribution networks

Navistar/VW- Diamler and Paccar may have to many competing brands

What would the new Mack look like?

It would have to have the Macungie plant along with legacy Mack models Granites-Anthems- Pinnacles- Cab overs- Camel backs- Mack manual transmissions and rears- (It would loose Hagerstown to Volvo)b

It would have to rely on vendor suppliers such as Cummins-Eaton -Meritor-Allison_Hedrickson-Vendor chassis. new engine developments such as Achates Power

All in all it could be a decent product and might reverse the decline in the present day Mack image slippage. .Suitor distribution network and deep pockets would be the key to success. If you think about it if they just dug into the freightliner market share they could turn that 5% market share into 15 %. Just some Sunday thoughts




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I had a similar thought in another topic. Which company would be interested and capable and willing to make the Mack brand great again? I always saw Scania as a natural partner or suitor but they are now owned by VW ( who owns a share in International) I believe which still makes it possible. The others such as Mercedes and Paccar have alot of product lines already in the U.S. If the situation arises probably a Chinese company would want it because they have capitalized on established American brands

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Cat would be interesting, but I don't care for their engines. Others do, I don't. What made Mack legendary was their engine/trans/rears. They were engineered as a package. To make Mack what it was, you have to go back to that. Cat makes their own engines, I don't see them making their own transmissions and rears to stick in a "Mack". Im a Cummins guy, so I would like that, but Paccar sells a lot of Cummins, I don't think it'd be in Cummins best interest to compete with existing customers. I don't see Mack getting out from under Volvo's thumb. In a decade or two when my current fleet of Mack's starts to wear out I may have to start looking at other brands.... Heresy I know, but I don't know where Mack will be in 20 years, and we don't buy new, we buy 20 years old or older, and Volvo is already dropping etech stuff, so I don't see Volvo being a good support for my needs. I'll need a dealer with good support and that'll likely have a Cummins motor involved.

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5 hours ago, TS7 said:

Volvo has no reason to sell Mack. Get over it.  

Exactly, Why give a Competitor a Leg up...

IVECO, are the only Euro truck Builder without a Presence in N.A. But doubt if they had the appetite for such a venture..

It would take a different outlook from Washington, But the Chinese are Coming in the next 5-10 yrs... IMHO

"Be who you are and say what you feel...
Because those that matter...
don't mind...
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