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  1. TS7


    I think any thing over 10,000 GVW should be CDL and DOT card. Too many clowns on the road, that should not be driving overloaded F-250's and pulling trailers. The rules should be the same for everybody on the road.
  2. What Doolittle and these men did at a dark time in our history was a great thing. I think there are a lot of young men that are serving today by there own choice, that do understand what it takes to live free. But I do think there are a lot of men and women in this country that think they are owed freedom, among other things, they can leave and do not come back. Too many to name, just get out now.
  3. We live free today because of men like him. I wonder how many young men today understand this?
  4. Red Horse that is a better truck than any truck you can buy today new. The LTS model was a great vocational truck and look how many are still on the road today.
  5. Kscarbel I do not know much about the EcoSport, but I see a lot them on the roads around here lately.
  6. Volvo dropped the Autocar name and ACL for the VHD truck. The White cab used on the ACL and Volvo WG was not that great. White did more harm to Autocar than Volvo did I think. Volvo was right to call the VHD a Volvo, that is what it is. I think the old White Expeditor was branded the Volvo Expeditor.
  7. Sorry to hear about your dad.
  8. The 8 axle trains ( dump and fuel ) in the photo's do not need lift axles to steer or turn, but 4-8 axle straight trailers need lift axles to turn and steer. There have been lift axles here for as long as I can remember.
  9. I would like to see 41 get free posting like I think KSC has, he finds and posts some great photo's of old trucks, I am sure he puts a lot time into this. Not to forget Mr. Hancock does too. Red Horse would you want to drive that Gulf tanker? I do not remember how and when they were out lawed, but it started in lower MI. The oil companies said we would run of gas with out those tanker's to fill gas stations. Most stations could not take a full load any way. They would need more trucks and of course the price of gas would go way up. They got by. I do not know the laws on tankers, but those are gone. They were not safe.
  10. You have lift axles on 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 axle straight trailers.
  11. Red Horse no more fuel tanker trains.There was a rash of bad wrecks in the late 70's, pups flipping over. Most fuel is hauled in 6 or 7 axle straight trailers now, have 3 or 4 lift axles. I could not begin to explain Michigan weight laws here. But that train in the photo is 13,000 lb per axle on the trailers. It is easy to over load an axle or the lead trailer. That truck in the photo could haul 50 tons sand or dirt. Red Horse if you could post a photo of a MI tanker train, the pups were not safe. They were trying to get to 50 tons, by putting more in the pup, they raised them up, could not go longer. Also as I recall most trains were pulled by cabovers or short tractors back then (Mack F-700 MI special). The laws have changed for over all length, but not for axle load. It is hard to explain, there are a lot of ways meet the law. One thing I can say there are a lot of Mack GU-800 505 MP8 tractors pulling 8 axle trains hauling 50 - 52 tons, 154,000 - 160,000 GVW working every day here. Any one that thinks Mack cannot do heavy haul today come here to Michigan.
  12. That is a Michigan train. I am sure that is the I-94 and I-75 interchange under construction in Detroit. Roy Fruehauf (Fruehauf Trailer) was part of 5 R's. That photo hangs in the building across the freeway to the left (Sterling Truck Parts). By the way that truck is overloaded, even at 154,000 GVW max, but you do not need 600hp to move it over the road then or today. JoeH we deal with that every day here in Michigan.
  13. I wonder how much this report will have in it about the REAL crimes that Clinton did and the Democrats have covered up? There are a lot a people that belong in jail and Trump is not one of them. Jail is to good for most of them, they should be hung. Start with BHO and HRC and a lot of others.
  14. Rob, Cat 225, 235, 245 were first Cat built excavators starting around 1973-74. They were US built and more modern than any thing else at the time. The 225 and 235 could out dig any excavator built at that time, they were very sold built machines and could hold up. I just sold a 1982 235 - 32K series, 3306 engine. It had 25,000 hours+, left side track was worn out , was original. Used it till last year to pull pavement and load dirt. It was still a strong machine, just old. E series ( E200 and others) were Cat Mitsubishi (Japan) built excavators that came out around 1987 I think. At that time there were a lot of cheaper Jap excavators being sold here. They were stopgap till 300 series came out. As Dave said track loaders were hard on trans., tracks and steering parts. This is big reason excavators replaced them, a lot less maintenance. Cat 205 (Germany) and then the E110-120 (Japan) were first small Cat excavators.
  15. Excavator's killed off track loaders for excavating work. When I started working roadwork in 1972 the Cat 977 was great for removing pavement on Detroit area urban road jobs. But when the Cat 235 excavator came out, that started changing every thing on roadwork here. The paving contractor that I worked for had a Cat 955 for pavement removal and a Northwest dragline for excavation. These machines were too slow, it was the old way of doing things, they stopped using them. But today the compact track loader (rubber track) has many uses. On the tight space road jobs we do today, we use are Cat 289 a lot.
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