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  1. The Super Brigadier with the old White cab looks like the last Autocar built by White - Volvo. At least the hood does.
  2. Red Horse you are right. Front discharge mixers are the only way to pour concrete today with the cost of labor and how much more safe they are. You can not beat them for off road pours.
  3. Kscarbel it seems the T-234 may have been the first heavy duty Dodge truck. The front end does look like the post-war Power Wagon. By the way, built at the Warren Truck Plant, a lot trucks that were a big part of history built there.
  4. Kscarbel did Dodge at that time build a 2-3 ton civilian model truck?
  5. Roadway a contractor I worked for in 1994 rented a General SBA tractor for a month from Ryder to haul concrete pipe. They gave us the oldest (wore out) truck they had in the area, because we were going to use it to go off road to unload. We learned a lot about why highway spec. tractor's are no good in off road use. It ran fine on the road, but off road, use less. We ended up hauling the pipe trailer from the road with a old 1965 DM-800, it got the job done.
  6. Lee Iacocca by himself saved Chrysler. But I wonder where Ford would be today if he had run Ford till the 1990's. Ford might be the largest automaker. I think Ford would still be building class 8 trucks at KTP that is for sure. Iacocca would not give up or sell off and would have had people in place to build better and sell more. Ford would have been in better shape. Henry Ford II was wrong to have let him go.
  7. I did not say Renault was not good to Mack. But the cold truth is Mack was not making money the way they were run. Why should someone invest in a business that was not making money? Mack is owned by Volvo today because it was not making money.
  8. The day that the Mack board let Renault in, is the day Mack was not Mack anymore. If Mack was so well run why did they need Renault? Mack needed money that is why. Why did it take so long for the CV to come out? Why did they not build a SFA CL600-CL700 Superliner replacement? Why did they not build the CA600 (slope front)? Why did Mack (Renault) never build a baby 8 truck like the Ford LTS 8000, which I see many still on the road running today 22 years after Ford quit?
  9. Kscarbal you are so right about the real Power Wagon
  10. Because of the troops killed, wounded, and the troops that kept pushing on we all live free today.
  11. "For years, carmakers (truck makers too) and auto parts suppliers have built vehicles and parts in Mexico, taking advantage of the country's cheap labor". 25% starting 6-6-2019 would be better and build the wall, no gates. Mexico knows how to stop the tariffs if they want to.
  12. Paul a over loaded dump truck on city streets is not the same as a over loaded dump truck on a dirt road out back or on job site. I know all about over loading dump trucks when I am loading someone trucks that I do not own. Four weeks ago we were loading out wet clay on to 5 axle dump trailers ( 28 yd.). 2008 KW T-800 broke frame back of cab, lucky it happened at dump site, not on the road. At least once a week here in the Detroit area some good driver flips a dump train or a pup. I do not like to over load mine or anyone's trucks if I can help it.
  13. That truck is over loaded, even if a quad can gross 120k there. Good way to kill someone driving a truck over loaded like that.
  14. What ever there doing in St. Louis does not look safe or very smart to me.
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