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  1. Does Mary Barra know how to make operations profitable? Or does she only know how to shut down and sell off operations. Big market coming for electric, self driving Hummers in her ideal world.
  2. I will say this there were a lot of Paystar mixers here at on time, but now FDM is king now for ready mix. But one thing is for sure here if you see an older Autocar, LTL 9000 Ford, Mack RW753, CL753, Star, KW, Pete or FLD Michigan special tractor pulling a MI 8 axle train or 3-4-5 axle lead, very, very good chance it has a Cat under the hood. That owner is going to run that truck as long as he can. I have said this before, the day some truck maker talks Cat into going back into the heavy truck engine market, they will sell every one they build. It can be done and I am sure that there are people at Cat that know it.
  3. Bullheaded down here Navistar has become rare in the construction market. I know people that were burned by Navistar built Cat trucks and Navistar trucks in general.
  4. The reason you see a lot of L-Series still on the road today is that it was simple, well built truck with a lot of common parts across the whole lineup. For the most part vender drivetrain too. In 1996 I think Ford was selling 2000+ class 7 trucks a month. In 1997 when they gave away the HN80, they should have kept the L-7000 (old Louisville) around. They could have found some room at KTP. With updates, I think they could be selling 1000+ a month L-7000's class 7 today, F-650 for class 6. Roadway wasn't Navistar the leader in class 7 20+ years ago? What happened to the DT466? The people running Navistar, have run it into the ground.
  5. " Doubts about the quality of Navistar's products" says it all. Get real, there done.
  6. TS7


    David they cannot defend there impeachment farce. The corruption in the Democrat party runs real deep, it runs from top to bottom. There is no integrity at all in there leadership. Take a real good look at these people on how rich they have become while in office. I am not saying that there no one on the other side that have gotten rich off the taxpayer. But the Democrat party and the evil dark money people behind them have a lot to lose as there corruption is exposed.
  7. TS7


    And at the SOTU Pelosi showed what kind of classless, mean, nasty person she really is. She truly hates America.
  8. TS7


    Meanwhile over in Iowa," Quality Control = Rigged". You cannot make this stuff up and the Democrats say Trump was trying to rig the election. They cannot even count votes right and they want to run the country. LOL.
  9. Mack salesman (M&K) I deal with says they have MD's on order, he knew this was coming and they are behind it. All the trucks named above have some kind of issues, that is for sure. But I think that the class 7- baby 8 market has only two real players now. Paccar is there at the high priced end. Volvo (Mack) has nothing. I am sure if Volvo just wanted to offer a class 7 truck they could have run a few down the line in Allentown. I was thinking they were going to bring some Volvo truck from Europe, make a few changes and try to sell it here. I think they see a big hole in there lineup and are working to fill it.
  10. I think that a lot these trucks will go to the Mack Leasing fleet. Mack Leasing has Hino trucks around here now. An MD7 with a air ride cab and maybe a tag axle will make a great distribution truck. Class 7 distribution trucks is a big market. I would think that a tractor model will be coming, I did not see that noted. The class 7 - baby 8 single axle tractor market is big and Mack has had nothing for years. This truck has a proven engine, drivetrain, cab and is made in the USA. There is a lot of things that can be added to this lineup. Will see where they go with this truck. The best thing I think is that it does not have a Volvo engine in it.
  11. Kscarbel KW/Pete is a good truck, but they do not give them away, that is for sure. There cab is small and has a cramped feeling, I think. Mack has needed a good class 7 truck for a long, long time. Lets see where this goes. This truck could become a baby 8 tandem very easy.
  12. 1973 F-Series were good strong trucks, still a lot of them around. I wonder if a new Mack MD is in your future PC68?
  13. I think this is a good looking truck. The "CH" cab is a solid cab, better than any other. The MD7 looks like a solid truck. Mack has needed a truck like this for long time. I will say it maybe Volvo did something good for Mack Trucks.
  14. I like to read the first hand stories from everyone about all trucks, old and new. I know that 20 years ago I would not have even looked at a gas F-450 or F-650, but what they cost today, you have to think hard how you are going to use the truck. PC68 you run some very clean trucks. Fords are like Mack's, take care of them, they will run forever.
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