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  1. Until the people of Venezuela learn that nothing is "free" there will always be another Socialist promising "free" stuff stolen from other people. The truth hurts. Some on this site know that, some do not.
  2. No Kscarbel2 someone here cannot face the fact that socialism has failed in Venezuela. Because of greed there the people are eating dogs and cats, tell me where I am wrong. So someone here thinks truck owners on this site are not paying there fair share for roads. Has this person ever paid any highway use tax? No. Has this person ever owned a Class 8 truck new or old? No. This is what has happened in Venezuela keep taxing the ones that are working and no one will work, then what? Anyone who supported Bernie Sanders this where he would have taken you.
  3. Teamster only you could say North Dakota will become like Venezuela.
  4. The one that cannot accept the facts is you Teamster. Venezuela is falling apart because of socialism.
  5. Anyone who owns one truck or a lot of trucks knows it costs a lot to keep a truck running and on the road. So someone who does not own a truck cannot understand what it takes.
  6. Until you start paying highway use taxes, do not tell me how little I pay to run my trucks. How many trucks do you own?
  7. Why should I pay for your bread?
  8. No overly dependent on free stuff.
  9. This is what happens when socialism fails.
  10. Kscarbel every state built there interstates to there standards, with Federal oversight. A interstate built in 1962 might have had a 20 year pavement life. So maybe it was overlaid in 1985. Now in 2017 it needs to be rebuilt and rebuilt under traffic, not easy or cheap. Standards and specifications are much higher today. Where are all these bribes? I have worked on interstate highways in 5 states since 1973 and quality is much higher today.
  11. Oldcastle, Inc. is the largest asphalt paver in the US. Pike ( NH ), Michigan Paving and Shelly Co. ( Ohio ) plus many others. Ask Tim.
  12. Your free to ride your bike because of things Truman and Eisenhower did.
  13. Bill Clinton has a lot to do with DPRK situation today.
  14. A lot of good men have died, so some on this site can post whatever they want on this site.