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  1. How many of these sales are to fleets that lease trucks for 3-5 years, then start over? How good a truck do you have to build to last 5 years? Build cheap, sell cheap, lease cheap.
  2. TS7

    Dodge Bighorn

    I guess that I do not look at a 1954 F-800 or T-800 as a class 8 truck, but they were.
  3. TS7

    Ford Market News

    Kscarbel there may be, that person just does not fit the PC world that the Leaders of Ford and GM live in today.
  4. TS7

    Dodge Bighorn

    Kscarbel not to change topic, but in 1964 Ford was #4 in class 7-8 trucks from above? Ford did not have any real class 8 truck line till about 1959? I remember seeing a lot Ford T and N models. Redhorse I think maybe you know lot about this? Kscarbel when you have time could you start something on Ford heavy trucks back in 1960 or so.
  5. TS7

    Ford Market News

    I think Ford needs someone like Lee Iacocca, who I think saved Chrysler in 1980. They need someone who knows how to build cars and how to sell them today. Massive changes? I wonder if Jim Hackett rode his scooter to the glass house today, it snowed last night in SE MI.
  6. The dealer locator is interesting. So existing truck dealers, not just Ford dealers sell these trucks?
  7. TS7

    Dodge Bighorn

    The Dodge heavy trucks were C model gas, CN diesel, T tandem as I recall.
  8. Kscarbel do they have Ford Truck dealers there?
  9. TS7

    Dodge Bighorn

    Everyone has good and bad luck with pickups. I had a 1988 F-250 7.3. I drove it when new, was in my business ( highway construction) use till last year, 350,000 mi, all original. Cab rusted out, it was still running. These posts were about Dodge heavy trucks, I think Dodge built a ok truck, but they did not seem to last like old Mack's.
  10. TS7

    Dodge Bighorn

    Kscarbel and Roadway both of you have posted a lot of good information on Dodge Trucks from long time ago. Chrysler had a lot of issues then. Maybe if they had bought Mack, they would have dropped the heavy Dodge trucks? But may be Mack might not lasted under Chrysler? It would seem that Dodge pickups, vans, Dodge medium duty trucks and Mack heavy trucks would have been a good line of trucks. I will say this I had a new 1974 D-100 pickup, first new truck I owned, after that all Ford pickups.
  11. TS7

    General Motors News

    Meanwhile at Ford how do ride your scooter around all the s*** on the streets of San Francisco?
  12. TS7

    General Motors News

    Kscarbel last week at the GM Tech Center there were mass layoffs of engineers. Mary Barra is in a race to the bottom. I wonder if she rides a bike to the Ren Cen, downtown Detroit GM HQ? A lot of people are out of work because of these dumb ideas.
  13. TS7

    Dodge Bighorn

    Roadway I never could never under stand why they dropped the medium duty trucks. The Sherwood plant stayed open building some CNT-800 trucks ( Air Force tanker) and kits for South America. Maybe it was to small? Recall seeing a D-700 dump with a diesel, never knew that they built any diesel medium trucks. Chrysler started having a lot of issues in the mid 1970's.
  14. TS7

    Dodge Bighorn

    The blue Bighorn 900 is one of two built, never was on the road. Chrysler Transport had a large fleet of C-800 (gas) single axle tractors and some CNT-900 tandem tractors. I recall that in 1978 they started running GMC, White and some Mack single axle diesel tractors, The C-800 trucks were gone as I recall by 1980-1981.There may have been some Dodge trucks in off road use in plants and such. After the first bailout (1980?), they had a almost all White fleet of tandem tractors. I cannot remember, but I think they had some Volvos before and after Daimler. I think around 2011? they got around 300 Mack tandem tractors. Weigand Mack in Sterling Hts. was the dealer (M&K now), I never saw so many new Mack's that were the same at one place at there lot then. FCA Transport now has Peterbilt's (LNG). Chrysler Transport and FCA Transport ran clean trucks, they were an important part of keeping plants going, they did not live in the past with old Dodge trucks. The drivers were UAW members.
  15. TS7

    Scraper Convoy

    Very well run job. Everything is moving. Scrapers never stop, they are not waiting for pushers.

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