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  1. TS7

    Memorial Day

    Memorial Day is to honor those who died to keep our nation free. From what is happening now I hope we can keep it a nation worth defending, some days I am not so sure.
  2. We got that flood problem in Mid- Michigan right now. Seems someone (State Government) did not want to lower a lake level (open a dam). Dam failed, big time. Governor Whitmer needs to look in the mirror to find who's fault this is. There are some governor's in some states right now that are showing that they could not run a one person circle jerk.
  3. The Florida Coronavirus Website whistleblower was arrested last year and charged with cyberstalking, looking at 12 months in jail. Who's corrupt now.
  4. Deep State = Career Civil Servants, most of whom never do a honest days work, but are very good at CYA.
  5. Kind of like Cuomo and the nursing homes.
  6. The Democrats did that. The Obama Administration did that. Career Civil Servants did that. Government is corrupt? Only when we let them get away with it. And by the way who paid for these people to do this? The taxpayer did.
  7. Abusing a term in office to use the vast intelligence gathering capabilities of the US government to spy on the other political party and using the DOJ to obstruct a incoming elected president is no small thing. That is what corruption is, real simple. Who did that?
  8. So if all government is inefficient, that makes what Obama did ok, by your standard. Well no that is no reason for him and others to get a pass on what they did. Government is only as corrupt as we let it be You have a hard time accepting that Trump came in to start cleaning the corruption up and it is coming out how rotten to the core DC is, both sides. No one in our lifetime has tried what he has tried to do and no one has put up with so much push back. The rats are on the run, looking for someplace to hide Will see in the coming months, how many get caught.
  9. The level of corruption being revealed from the Flynn ordeal is staggering. It is now very clear that Obama was abusing governmental surveillance to spy on Trump.
  10. I think that all democrats should stay in there basements till at least 1-1-2025, to help stop the spread of this deadly farce. Better yet they should all move to NYC, they would be much safer there together. Then they can play there silly games there and be happy. The rest of us can then get on with our lives. I am sure in a few years one of us will let them know when it is safe to come out, maybe.
  11. I am sure many have heard that Gen. Flynn has been exonerated, long time coming. There are a lot people starting with Obama, the FBI, DOJ and others that need to see the inside of a prison. I hope they rot in jail and burn in hell.
  12. I agree with you on the tax issue. But I know plant management people who work at Ford and GM who say they are having a hard time getting skilled trades to come back to work to get lines started. I can say for fact as a union highway contractor that here a lot trade people are not wanting to work right now. Good for you that you see the value in working, but a lot do not. The roads around here jammed with people driving around going anywhere but to work. Shelter in place my ass. Early in the morning, no traffic, starting about 10 AM, looks like rush hour the rest of the day.
  13. I see hard times ahead for GM, Ford and FCA. UAW and worker's do not want to go back to work now, there getting fat on $900+ a week to sit home. We will see in a few months how this works out. I hope that autoworker's do not choke on that extra $600 a week. I hope I am wrong, but I see auto and truck sales being way down this year. Will see.
  14. TS7

    Andrew Cuomo

    Do not forget to add that the Democrat party is also owned by big money unions.
  15. TS7

    Andrew Cuomo

    Trump's idea for disinfecting from the inside is already being done, what is chemotherapy? Good thing Trump is trying to do something and on the job everyday. Unlike a whole lot of fool Democrat's with there abusive lockdowns and foolish rules in some states.
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