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  1. If I was looking for a new 33 or 36 GVW truck, I would take a real good look at a Mack MHD before any other brand. Do you really think Ford is losing a lot of sales without Cummins? Maybe, I will bet Ford dealer service dept. do not miss them. Ford will never get back in heavy trucks in the US and is happy to be where they are in sales I think. Take a good look at class 5. I see a lot of F-550 gas trucks, cost a lot less, no DPF or DEF.
  2. What did kscarbel2 just post, Ford sales leader Class 6, 5 and 4 for 2017. I think Ford class 7 woes have more to with DPF issues with Cat and Cummins than new trucks with 6.7Powerstoke. I almost bought a used 2009 F-750 (170,000 mi) Cat last year, did not, $25,000 to replace DPF. Go to a Ford Truck dealer, ask about Cummins and Cat in F-650 and F-750 there were a lot of issues with them after about 2006. Ford had the right idea in the HN80 cab for class 6 and 7 back in 1997, but they sold out. Super duty cab was never built to be a medium-duty cab like the LN7000 a great truck. I do not understand why E-550 was dropped, still see them here, no diesel after 2004? I own and run only Ford and Mack trucks everyday in my construction business.
  3. First I have never seen a 2017 Dodge truck. Ford sold 60% of all class 5, almost half of all class 4 and 5. Show me sales figures for each class, all brands and we will see if FCA is the sales leader. How many Ram 2500 are sold as class 3? How many F-250 are class 3? I would guess many Ram 2500 are 10,001 GVW, makes them class 3. As I have said before Ford builds more different class 3-5 models than anyone. Somewhere the real sales numbers are out there for each class by GVW and where they were sold.
  4. That's not what the sales numbers show above.
  5. So Ford is the sales leader in class 6, 5, and 4 total?
  6. So was the question answered?
  7. Ford F-150 Diesel News

    Detroit area today 1-8-2018, unleaded gas $2.40. Diesel fuel $3.09 (was $2.89) at most Speedway stations. I am sure there is a long waiting list to buy a plain diesel F-150 XL for real work use. Ford should put that engine in a 8000 GVW F-250 XL, 25 MPG in a real work truck would kill off GM and FCA.
  8. If Fords replacement for the E-350-450 is like the 10 t above it could be a big seller.
  9. Is there a market for Mack glider kit? Would a 1998 Mack E7 fit in a 2018 GU713 or GU813? How much engineering would this take. What would it cost? Are there a lot of good E7s' out there to reuse? There are a lot of junk trucks with DD engines in them and most of use know built them. My guess is most 1998 Mack trucks are still running. The real market for a Mack glider would be a MR.
  10. Nothing happens in RED China without Communist Party ok.
  11. Fxfymn is 100% right on employee performance. Management is paid to correct these issues. Mack is owned by Volvo because of poor management.
  12. Internet Neutrality

    Did you forget ? Al Gore invented the internet.