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  1. Trump is right. Ford needs to save money to spend it on green roofs for office buildings for driverless car development.
  2. I understand that Volvo forced Wiegand to sell there dealership.
  3. I think we could send them 115 used M923 for a lot less. Better yet did I not just read that Navistar has a lot used trucks they cannot sell, send them over.
  4. I care more about braking. Stopping any truck in city traffic is more important than fuel economy or acceleration.
  5. So who pays for these trucks?
  6. Someone spent a lot for this, what are they hiding. What are all the results.
  7. Ok, so who was first.
  8. For what? Clinton broke how many laws.
  9. Investigation of what? Clinton? Why is she not in jail?
  10. There was no playbook. Ford gave there market share to them for free. Maybe Volvo can hire Mark Fields away Ford.
  11. Impeach for what? Draining the swamp. A lot more need to go, soon.
  12. Kscarbel you need to add how much they have done for Mack only dealers. Volvo has done a lot to help owner's of older Mack trucks too.
  13. Mack was known for quality and long life. Since Volvo? What has Volvo done for Mack that is any good?
  14. Volvo owns the Mack brand and can do what they want with it and it sure shows. This site is full of Volvo better ideas, gone bad.