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  1. You can thank the left in Europe and the west coast for starting this huge waste.
  2. TS7

    Where’s 41chevy?

    Sorry for your loss. I would like too see Barry give you a Lifetime membership for all the good things you have posted on BMT.
  3. A Mack truck needs a Mack engine. What Volvo spent for their junk sure did not turn out so great.
  4. Do you know that for a fact that a E7 could not have been modified to meet need less current standards? The main reason Mack has lost sales is Volvo engines I think.
  5. Mack does not need Cummins, they need the E7 back.
  6. Do not know what this will cost, but this is a good idea.
  7. Five years and done like other Freightliners.
  8. Big $ to replace windshield.
  9. Maybe advanced, but will it last in the real trash hauling world? Trash trucks have to work everyday, that is why there a lot of Mack MR"s on the road, they are strong.
  10. TS7

    White with Dozer

    That is my point, a truck setup right could move a lot weight. A 534 Ford T-950 was a good low cost dump truck. A road builder I worked for in the 1970's still had some with automatics, they were better off road in sand than any other truck. These trucks were used maybe 5-6 months in a year at most.
  11. TS7

    White with Dozer

    How did that White 4000 move what looks like a Cat D8H without 500HP+ over those Vermont hills?
  12. TS7

    Truck Manual

    So a Mack (Volvo) dealer cannot get parts for these trucks?
  13. TS7

    Truck Manual

    What is the real reason Volvo does not support this truck?
  14. TS7

    News- Ford Medium Duty Trucks

    You think Ford builds a truck with a junk powertrain that no real truck owner will want, but they sell a lot of them anyway. Ford sell's a lower cost truck that does the job and makes them money ( Ford and the buyer). A class 6 truck is not comparable with class 8 and should not be. The Ford powertrains are holding up. But I have said before, if I was in the market for a heavy class 7 truck (33 GVW+) I would take a good look at Mack MHD. A F-750 is not as good as a MHD in a hard use job, but will last in a low mileage job and cost a lot less to buy.
  15. TS7

    News- Ford Medium Duty Trucks

    That firm has a management problem.

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