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  1. If some BMT members went over to Watts Mack and? Mack might have out sold Navistar last month.
  2. Closing the wage gap and $9000.00 bonus is why this passed. FCA is adding jobs still at the low starting wage. FCA is doing good around SE MI ( Toledo is part of this area ). But this all about selling more Jeeps and Ram trucks, will see if they are right.
  3. TS7

    Pearl Harbor

    The same people who do not care about Pearl Harbor, do not care about what is happening to Trump today. Freedom is not free.
  4. So in other word another example of Red China stealing technology.
  5. 262,000 pickup trucks driven by people that never get there hands dirty working.
  6. The first person I would layoff is one who came up with the Planet 2050 plan.
  7. Wage gap, lack of trust of UAW leadership and PSA merger are huge issues for FCA workers. I think a FCA strike is coming, could be a long one.
  8. See what I am saying.
  9. Trump made great decision on this and it proves that he really cares about the men doing the hard work and has there back. If there were no stupid rules of engagement this whole war on terror would have been over by 9-11-2002. A lot of good men have been killed to spare some dirt bag rag heads who would kill any of us if they had a chance
  10. I am no fan of GM, but GM is right here. Marchionne was behind all these things. By the way FCA is back too over building and pushing dealers too take more than they ordered. Old habits die hard, just like 2009.
  11. I still think Ford needs a true medium duty truck cab and more powertrain choices. My point is that there are some people in Dearborn and some dealers who are doing pretty good with what they have. The M2 is a better truck, but Ford seems to be keeping up with it. Ford needs to get more serious about medium-duty, I think there are some people at Ford and some dealers who could make that happen if Ford let them. Henry Ford II would, he must have been ok with L-series and KTP.
  12. Did I read this right Ford sold 2601 class 6, Freightliner 2475 class 7? Somebody is doing something right at Ford. Henry Ford II is happy.
  13. Ford is not building any cars anymore? Mach-E, 4 door Mustang?
  14. Great looking trucks. Good examples that if you take care of a truck and maintain it will last a long time. Something that someone else on this site cannot understand.
  15. JoeH there is lot you do not know. The person who goes by Maxidyne was banned by Barry, but came back anyway. This persons actions show what they stand for. As for myself I will speak out against anyone who puts down people who own there own trucks, that is what this person has done on this site for a long time. I could add a lot more to this, but I will not. This person can post what ever they want, this is a free site, but I can too and will. One more thing I am a 46 year union member and I know all about union greed and have seen for myself the results.
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