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  1. TeamsterGrrrl Banned

    Thank you.
  2. We had 1976 R773 that we used to pull 50 ton lowboy. Moved Cat 235, 225, D8H, D6C, 950 and 966C all over Detroit area. Used it till 1993, was a very good lowboy truck.
  3. Global Ford Ranger

    What do think is the leading light truck in Europe?
  4. Global Ford Ranger

    Kscarbel is Ford the World sales leader in light trucks with F-150, Ranger and Transit? What about Transit is it best selling Van in the World?
  5. Dodge Market News

    This was pure greed on both sides
  6. A call for riots

    I respect John McCain too, but that was then. This is now, he needs to go now.
  7. LTL 9000 was the best heavy truck Ford ever built.
  8. Yes, right after they start building the LTL 9000 again.
  9. Thank you Kscarbel, there are too many on this site that do not get it that there is no Mack Truck. I am glad that at least for now we can get parts for pre-2000 Mack Trucks. We will see how long that lasts.
  10. Volvo already builds a COE, its called the MRU. They own Mack. Why would they sell the Mack brand.
  11. Sad offerings

    The customer is number 1. If the customer is not happy, you do not need overpaid employees.
  12. Ford Market News

    Trump is right. Ford needs to save money to spend it on green roofs for office buildings for driverless car development.
  13. Sad offerings

    I understand that Volvo forced Wiegand to sell there dealership.
  14. Navistar Wins $18m Iraq Contract

    I think we could send them 115 used M923 for a lot less. Better yet did I not just read that Navistar has a lot used trucks they cannot sell, send them over.