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I do like Slim and he does have plenty of good songs 

Tim Maikshilo shared some Merican music with me some years ago that I dont mind 


I searched for a while to findthis again and I reckon these young blokes do a pretty good job

Another one from the US which I dont mind at all is


I reckon this one is pretty good as well 

Seems to me there is some pretty good music still getting made these days

Mind you there is also a lot of rubbish as well and I just have to search a bit harder and longer to find good music



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Ok you jokers are all getting serious on some other threads here and need to lighten up a bit and have a good chuckle at Brown Dog

You may get lost in some Australian talk and may need to listen to it a few times to fully get it

I had to and I live here 

Laugh my head off every time I hear it and the sequel 


There you go


Have a laugh



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