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Liebherr introduces 5th generation concrete mixer


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Those conveyors are nice but for sure they can't compete with a front discharge. There are some rear discharge mixers in service that have an aftermarket conveyor system mounted on them and in some cases i'm sure they work well and can eliminate the need for a pump or a lot of hand labor (wheelbarrows, buggies or pulling concrete once in forms) but I'm sure these Liebharrs are costly from a first cost as well as maintenance issue.

Front discharge? On many jobs truck gets on site and driver never gets out of cab and he is pouring -unless he has to ad chutes.  And if pouring things like piers or individual pads, walls?- driver stays in cab-moves truck and directs chutes accordingly.  Working my way through school I wheeled my share of concrete off the back of B-81's, LJ's etc.  Would have made my life easier then.

I saw Quickfarms comment about So Cal-here in Northeast for sure front discharge rules.  Exception might be major cities where so much construction requires pumps.  A rear discharge is much cheaper first cost, driver backs up once to pump and load is discharged into hopper. Boston Sand and Gravel is the big dog in Boston and they have plenty of new rear discharge units. As for outfits in outlying areas? Most new units are front discharge and the old DM-600s are the spares!

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These look like a a fine unit However I can see horrendous outlay on maintenance Due in part to sloppy  operation practices people not spending the time to wash up and clean the units after each run! 

these would be a poor investment in the area where I live anyway! guys just don't give a shit!

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On 7/8/2018 at 1:42 AM, Red Horse said:

Makes me wonder why the Europeans haven't discovered front discharge.

We Ausssies Haven't either... The next one I see, will be the First..

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On 7/9/2018 at 5:46 AM, Hayseed said:

We Ausssies Haven't either... The next one I see, will be the First..

Surprising.  The big driver toward front discharge here?  IMO the customer.  Once contractors have their first delivery with a front discharge, they don't want a rear discharge  unless pour is a "big dump" into a concrete pump or a big form job, much less labor time to place concrete. 

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20 years ago the first time I saw a front discharge it was called a Rite-Way, I thought what is this POS.  We had to turn it around so we could pour it out. We learned how to use them and the crews did not want rear discharge trucks any more, they only wanted Rite-Way trucks for handwork paving and curb work. They save a lot of work for a crew. 

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Front discharge mixer history was conceived in the USA.

Sims from wisconsin invented the front discharge mixer and called it Riteway and he sold it to savage. Savage was bought out by Mack and Volvo dropped the Savage mixer from the Mack lineup. Sims later sold the rights to Advance.

Advance was bought out by Terex and is now Terex Advance and they still make front discharge mixers.

Oshkosh still makes front discharge mixers.

Kimble still makes front discharge mixers.

From what I can gather.

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