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1947 all original Geyhound Bus


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19 hours ago, BOB DINGSDALE said:

I rode from alberta to vancouver b. c . in 53 . most fun i had when i was a kid. it's a beauty. BCMACK take note be good companion for your's

Can't be imported to Canada as an RV... pre 71 'buses' are allowed by RIV (registrar of imported vehicles)... must have seats etc installed and be titled as a bus when it hits the border..

if already in Canada as an RV it is grandfathered.. if converted in the US to an RV it can be allowed in but there are only about three US converters approved by RIV and chassis must qualify for CMVSS with a letter from the manufacturer for that VIN... the DOT/TC really don't like those skoolies with woodstoves.!!! :)

BC Mack

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22 hours ago, Hobert62 said:

 they take all the fun out of things up there.    

you're right, but so are they.... one of the problems with bus conversions to RV is that most buses are monocoque with no frame, I've seen some conversions that have altered the floor to get more inside height and they wiggle as you drive them, then some try to alter door frames and add slideouts, never mind the overweight kitchens and bathrooms, some folks think they can create a house inside a bus frame using house building materials. On some models if you remove the plywood floor and drive it the structure will permanently deform.

yes, vintage buses converted to an RV would be an interesting subject to discuss with RIV, I know of a few conversions brought in on an exemption but they needed a full inspection and engineers report before licencing, and if you fail it has to go back to the US where the title was previously cancelled so you are in limbo if it is not allowed back in... not worth the effort.

the current process is to bring in a titled pre '71 bus with seats (exempt from fed rules), get it inspected as a commercial bus, title it, gut it, build an RV and change title... post '71 needs CMVSS confirmation from manufacturer.... buses built in Canada and directly exported to US may not qualify to be re-imported to Canada unless they were built to dual CMVSS/FMVSS standards... go figure.

BC Mack


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  • 11 months later...

My uncle had three of  of the PD3751 silver side buses . they were said to be the last three Greyhound  operated. They stopped at my Grandmother 's  house for supper on there way back from picking them up. The logos were off but they were still blue,and quite a sight the three of them lined up on are little street. It must have been  around 60,61  . I got to ride them a few times and to a 7th grader they were huge ,but oh so comfortable .

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