Volvo introduces new Mack “Anthem” on-highway tractor

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Paul, between the two, I personally feel that only the Trident is an attractive looking truck.

There is a need for aerodynamic trucks in many applications, but they can be designed aesthetically to have a reasonable appearance. 

Volvo's new Anthem is a done-on-the-cheap rehash of the Pinnacle, which was a 2006 Volvo done-on-the-cheap rehash of the Vision, which was a 1999 second generation rehash of the CH introduced in 1988, which was first penned in 1983.

The "all-new" Mack Anthem? Not.

The headlamp modules remind me of those on the Griswold's Wagon Queen Family Truckster station wagon in the movie "Vacation".

The grille styling reminds me of a Panasonic "Toughbook" laptop. 

“We have helped build America [Volvo?],” proclaimed Mack president Denny Slagle, referring to the company’s 117-year heritage. “We have arrived at an important milestone. This launch should be seen as a new day, a new start, a game changer for our [America's or Sweden's?] beloved Mack brand.”  (https://www.todaystrucking.com/mack-sings-praises-of-new-anthem)

Sweden's Volvo stamps an American flag next to the Anthem name on the truck’s badge. Strange. Do Toyota or Honda stamp an American flag on their cars? Call a spade a spade.

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I find the whole thing of "the all new what ever it is" and its just had a new grill or whatever other cosmetic change a bit insulting.

When they went from the B model to the R model it looked like a all new truck the same when they went to the CH model it looked like a all new truck.

Now try as they might this is not a all new truck,it has had some major improvements namely the stand up cab and sleeper but all the rest isn't really that much of a game changer.
Had they have put some major up grades in that are game changers things would be different but sad truth is there isnt and this I feel is wasted opportunity.
Dont get me wrong the CH cab is a good cab as is the ACCO cab that is made in Australia for International truck, but International Australia dont go on about a all new truck.
They instead talk about what upgrades and how good that cab still is in todays market, they dont treat the buy public like fools, they play to its strengths and it is till a good seller even today 40 something years later. 

Maybe a lesson there for Mack.    

I remember when Harley Davidson nearly went broke in the late 70's I think it was trying to play everyone else's game instead of doing what they did best ( build big uncomfortable thumpers).
Anyway they had a major change in their direction and started making what they made good and made it even better.
They proved that you can make something and make it well and charge a bucket load for it and still have a huge waiting list of new orders.
Also Kenworth Australia I think have a 9 month waiting list for a new truck, they dont make super slippery poxy thing they make trucks that look like a truck and sound like a truck and also are cheap to run as do Mack Australia.

Should be some lessons there.

People will tell you what they want if you listen.

They old V8 E9 ValuelIners out here have sold for over $100,000 in recent times, that's a lot of money for a truck 30 plus years, surely there's a lesson there, similar figures are received for good old Superliners as well.


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Good points. It says something of how well the CH was designed that it's still competitive after three decades, Mack designers and engineers did their job well. But instead of taking pride in this timeless good design, Volvo tries to pass it off as a new truck. They ain't foolin' nobody but maybe a few newbies, and Volvo is destroying what little credibility they have left in the process.

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May bee a dream but wouldn't it be nice if Volvo pulled out of North America and sold Mack to Scania. Then maybe we could import the Trident or Superliner along with the Scania V8 and the Mack Scania relationship of the past could be reborn. KS I love the time line history of the CH to the Anthem. So true.:)

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The hood mirrors are pretty ugly, but my bet is they will be replaced by cameras. And I would not be surprised that all exterior mirrors get phased out for cameras and sensors over the long term.

Design will continue to be evolutionary, not revolutionary. Trucks are tools and function will always win out over form if the builder wants to stay in business. We may all love the big square hood designs, but that is not what the fleets want and if you don't build what your customers want you won't be around long.

I hate the new fire truck designs, but they are safer and more functional than the ones I rode. Hard to argue with that.

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