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School Me On CB Radios.

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I need to choose a CB. While I'll be doing some OTR driving in the future, (both U.S. and Canada) most of my driving will be in state. I pull an end dump, and I'm constantly in gravel pits, and concrete and asphalt plants. Communicating with the dispatchers in these places is a must. The signals in those places can be weak. So if there are any features to help deal with that problem, I would be interested. Weather channels would be nice, but between the Weather Channel app. I have on my phone, and available channels on my Sirius Radio, they're not necessary. I'm not looking to spend hundreds of dollars. Just something effective.

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I run a stock Cobra 29 LTD with a Wilson 2000 antenna. I tuned it myself, easy and works great!

I paid about $110 for the CB and $57 for the antenna.
For another $40 I did add an external speaker but by no means was it a necessity. 

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Like others have stated a general cobra or uniden or something along those lines will be fine.   It's more important to have 1 good antenna with your swr's set within spec.    I would also recommend a noise canceling mic.   Just my preference.   

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Thanks guys and gal!

Yeah, when you pull into a quarry or plant, there's usually a sign at the entrance telling you which channel to use.

Now, as for an antenna, are the short ones any good?  I'm out in the country a lot. My stack smacks the low lying branches sometimes. So I know a long antenna will get banged around a lot.

Actually, now that I think about it, there's a short one on top of the cab already. I don't know anything about it.

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Sorry to sound stupid, but what's the ground plane?

The vehicle metal ground surface under the antenna. It helps "reflect the signals,  the vehicle roof works best or a direct ground cable to the chassis.. A Dipole CB antenna does not need a ground plane like the No Ground antenna kit from Firestik


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