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KD 517 Cab lights

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My Model-B 46 came with five good KD517 bezels and amber lenses. What I don't have are the bases. Has anyone hacked-to-fit any of the new el-cheapo teardrop plastic cab lights to fit the KD517s?

At $23 for five el-cheapos, it doesn't seem like too big a waste of money if it doesn't work. I've wasted more than $23 on a lot of stuff/ideas that didn't work!

KD517 Base and Gasket.gif

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https://www.finditparts.com/products/354341/grote-45333?srcid=CHL01SCL010-Npla-Dmdt-Gusa-Svbr-Mmuu-K354341&gclid=CJ_sxOeqidQCFcdXDQodgFEGfQ      I got mine from finditparts.  Cheapest place I found them and I think I bought a $7 hose cutter to get free shipping.      My original 517's will be come off some day but not sure when.      


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517 s Are getting as gold as vent windows.  I have been looking for years for some green glass lenses for 517s. Use to be able to buy complete 517 s from Mack about ten years ago but they were really cheaply chromed. They would rust bad if left outside

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1 hour ago, Underdog said:

Thanks, Hobert for the link. My original lights on the F model still work, but the gaskets and bases are deteriorated. Paint and body on the F is my next project after I get the MH done.

These lights have a semi curved base that match up to the B roof pretty well.    Not sure how they will sit on the F's roof.  

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On 5/23/2017 at 6:43 PM, kscarbel2 said:

Are the original 38MO216 cab roof marker lamps no longer available from Watts ?

That's an interesting part number - it brought up a whole bunch of "equivalents". Specifically the DO-Ray 410's, which led to a whole bunch of truck cab lights. Anybody know about the DO-Ray 410?

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