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Sicked out of work today

1958 F.W.D.

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Holy crap....The kids all had that "36 hour" flu bug last week that's been going around. Liquids of all viscosities coming out of body orifices, fever, chills, body aches & pains.....Kinda thought that me and SWMBO dodged it. Until 0345 Sunday morning when I woke up all of a sudden out of the blue and *RAN* to the bathroom. Spent most of the day yesterday on the pot. Stomach felt like someone was repeatedly punching me over and over again, and the body aches and pains were awful. And I couldn't sleep at all, just little cat naps here and there on the couch. I was still feeling like crud last night so I texted my boss and told hin "tomorrow ain't happening" which I think is the first time in 3 or 4 years that I have sicked out. He came back and said that I will be the 5th or 6th guy in the last 2 weeks hit by this including himself and said to "STAY THE HELL HOME!"  So here I sit on the couch, SWMBO just went to bed as she worked last night, Large/Medium/Small all went to school and it's just me and Extra Small hanging out. Kicked the fever because I woke up all sweaty, still have to run for the pot once in a while but am feeling much better. This sucks, I wouldn't wish this on anyone. 

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