Gus #9 1946 The Road to Life Once Again

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The Irony in this old truck: (My family is stunned..that's all I can say).  

Ready for this: 

#1: Gus was originally parked in the woods in September of 1971 for good (or so we thought).  Exact date unknown, but September is the 9th month, and Gus's fleet number was #9. I was born 8 years later...7(1+8) = 7(9)   (Grandma's math ha!)  (Gus is 71 years old this year).  

#2. Gus was removed from the woods on August 14th, 2014 and my grandpa came back from WWII on August 14th in 1946 (arrived in CA).
#3. My great uncle's name was "Robert" and his birthday was August 13th
#4. My birthday was also August 13th
#5. We heard Gus try to start on August 13th 2016 and Gus left for North Dakota for restoration on August 14th 2016
#6. I met my "Robert" on July 15th 2016....The Waubun parade is July 15th 2017...the day we are presenting Gus to grandma.    
#7. The Mack sits exactly 46 miles from the place where she was originally purchased for my great grandpa's fleet. 
#8. The tow truck that hauled Gus out of the woods: The last four digits of the towing company's phone number was "1946" Gus is a 1946
#9. I moved to ND in September for a new job: Start date was September 13th 2016......  9/13/16   (Gus was parked in September...and the number 13 keeps coming up!). 

#10. I changed my phone number after I moved to ND, and the first digits of my phone number are 337-67....If you look at the picture of the cab after we started restoration the numbers on the back of the cab say: EGX 3376....ironic?    The cab was broken down in number was changed in September!  

#11.  My great grandpa August (Gus) was born on January 9th....1/9    In the Mack Fleet grandpa drove truck #1 and Gus's number is 9....
#12. My grandma's birthday is also Jan 9th  1/9
#13.  After we brought the Mack out to ND, I stopped to get gas at a Cenex in Devil's Lake, and found a penny....the year was 1980....the year my Robert was born.  I kept it! 
#14.  We could not find the key to the Mack's original we went to the hardware store in Garrison, and found a key that would  somewhat fit...there were only 9 of those keys Robert didn't want to jinx anything and bought the entire set.  Robert was able to key the first one on the first try =1/9. 
#15.  My grandpa died November 1st 2009     11/1/2009
#16.  My great grandpa Arnold (his dad) was born on November 1st   (All public record!). 

So as my grandma sits and comes up with the ironic nature of old often makes a person wonder if it was meant to be....thoughts?  




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