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  1. Update on old Gus #9, wiring almost done...throttle cable/linkage, with a little engineering by the great Robert...almost done...I got ONE glass window installed and what a damn battle. I think the glass was a tad...I mean a tad too wide, but it's in, and secure.. now looking for thinner window channel to make the roll-up and down a little easier. I am really looking forward to assembly! This memorial weekend, I remember my family, all of whom fought and died in or after battle, for this country: Great grandpa Arnold: Captured in the Philippines, and died at Camp O'Donnell after surviving the Bataan Death March on May 29th 1942: U.S. Army, Tech SGT. Grandpa Jerry: Fought in WWII, Blood nose ridge Japan, Marine Corps 1st Division, PVT...Purple Heart, Great Uncle Oran: Fought in WWII, U.S. Army, Infantry, PVT2 (Germany) Purple Heart Uncle Rolland: Fought in Vietnam, U.S. Army Infantry, Tank Division, SFC Great Uncle Steve: Fought in Vietnam, called back in OIF, Air Force, Pilot, C-5 Cargo, Commander/Captain Cousin George A.: OIF/OEF/Afghanistan: U.S. Army, Aviation, CH-47D , SSGT Purple Heart Grandpa Duane: Fought in Korea, U.S. Army, 3rd Infantry Regiment, Commander, Purple Heart Adopted Dad/Father: Dan, U.S Marine Corps, M.P, SGT. My husband: Josh, U.S. Marine Corps, Force Recon, SSGT, died after 9th combat tour to Afghanistan, 9 combat tours. Purple Heart Blown up by and IED and survived, lost 13 and 2 aircraft Myself, still alive and well: U.S. Army Aviation, CH-47D, and Blackhawk Phase Mechanic and Crew Chief, Bosnia P.K. Mission, SGT. Thank all of the veterans for their service...without your service, we would not have the freedom of speech, and other American rights. Stand tall, with pride, because there are still some of us who respect you for your sacrifices
  2. All I can say is I truly pray for this country. We have a lot of great people in the world, hard workers, our military, our truckers, ...people who work with their backs every day, and I hope that people can move forward and cherish the things we have, and learn from the things we did. I don't get offended easily, until someone attempts to force me to stop wearing a cross, or remove a cross from my grandfather's grave, or starts taking down WWII, Bataan, Vietnam, Korea, or other war memorabilia... and I fully understand that we have racism in this country, but we are all related to someone who fought for our freedoms at some point or another, and we need to embrace those things. However, tread on what I have worked for in my life...and it's on. My family is third generation immigrants from Norway and Germany, my great grandfather was the first to come to the U.S., on his side, and my family has not inherited anything, not rich, but worked hard to make a living. As many others, I have never been "given" anything, except my Mack of course I respect people's opinions, and will agree to disagree and remain friends...however, we live in a different world where everyone has the opportunity to make something great out of themselves...with a little elbow grease it can be done. Do we still have discrimination? Absolutely, we discriminate age, gender, race, culture, status, titles, demographic areas, family names, religious orientation etc.... we will never get rid of discrimination because we are human with tons of differences. Punish at the time of the crime, and move forward... but I have no sympathy for those who truly can help themselves. Now, on the other side of this, I worked in the education system a long time ago, and I got to go to an inner city school for internship... My heart was broken. The teachers, who were as nice as could be to me... were paying for books and materials out of their own pockets, because their school scores were not high enough to qualify for the government grant funding. No child left behind my butt..... These poor kids were reading torn, outdated books, no classroom supplies,, very few art, music and physical education supplies, and in a dilapidated building in a high crime area; the kids could not go outside to play because of the drive-by shootings. The little school provided a "poverty simulation" training for area teachers, and I grew up poor, but did not realize how much I had even being a poor farmer... these little kids, despite what they didn't have...were happy, energetic, and hopeful... hopeful. If we don't get it together, our country will never advance no matter what color your skin is. Many impoverished communities are "stuck" the cycle of poverty is not broken until someone steps in and provides equal employment opportunities, better education resources for teachers...keeping in mind that people also have to help themselves. But some are stuck so deep in this cycle of poverty that they lose hope, and end up going into survival mode just to stay alive. Like the old country song "down on your luck" ... sometimes folks need a little help to get back on their feet, but they have to want to get back up. I understand that adults have the choice to better their lives...but these poor little kids, no matter their race, didn't have a choice...they are a direct reflection of a part of society that has failed. So we have areas that are truly struggling because there are no resources for some things. I can also tell you that my skin color did not matter to the teachers, they did tell me to pray for them, and it broke my heart, to have to look to a higher power for things they need to change lives.... For the folks making waves in this country....As my grandpa used to say to us kids "you obviously don't have enough work to do because you are still complaining." Maybe some just don't have enough to do? Anyway, this is a great group of folks on here, and I think we all need a cup of good coffee, an old truck, and an old diner we can go to, just to sit and B.S., It would be great to meet ya'all in person! We still have a lot to learn...they call it "life" for a reason. Keep on trucking my friends. **On a lighter note, old Gus #9 will have the front clip assembled this weekend! The windows are giving me a damn run for my money, and if anyone has any tips for getting the window channel and the window in place...please let me know...I am all ears! I have to repaint the top part of the passenger door because I had a temper tantrum with the window channel and the class...yikes.... time to walk away from it for a day.... 44 days and counting until grandma gets to see old Gus#9!** The local news paper is going to do a story on the old truck as well** Ms. Tracy D.
  3. From the album Tdbach

    We are almost done with wiring and reassembling doors.. the gauges are working and to my surprise Robert got me a set of aluminum wheels for it! We have 45 days until grandma gets to see it.. we are on the final countdown! Front clip will be assembled this weekend!
  4. You are correct.. there were many plantation owners who were also black that had slaves in the south...many Africans who were slaves were sold by black tribal leaders from other countries... a sad world where people felt obligated to sell each other or force people into slavery...whites were also captured by natives and forced into slavery...just as Germans, Jews, Asians, Middle Easterns and other races...cultures...not just African Americans...the problem is children are not born hating other races, they are taught to hate by their elders. Any veteran who fought regardless of race should be honored.. whether it was fighting for freedom...for the right to vote.. including women...or fighting to keep terrorism out of this country. Veterans stand for the strength to stand up and fight for what they believed in...the strength and courage to create make life better for their families.. a veteran was willing to sacrafice themselves for these things...that takes courage..honor and commitment. Those who complain and bring no solutions..those who do not work or pay taxes..have no right to complain. I'm angered by the hate boiling in this country...times have changed and we need to get it together. Every single person in this country can make something of themselves with hard work and commitment...all races have proven that anyone of us can be successful with a little elbow grease...the problem is no one wants to work for anything anymore... give me...give me.. and only minor punishments for major one learns the value of anything if they are given everything for free....We all bleed red.. we stop racism by simply stopping it...we stop teaching our children to hate.. and this country pulls together and maintains leadership in this world through the professionalism and strength of our men...our families..our military..and our government... removing a statue is not going to fix this country's problems... our problems are far greater. Thank you for your service 41 chevy!! Respect to all no matter your gender...race...or culture, but remember respect is earned not given. I've never been discriminated against as a woman working in a mans field because I work my ass off... I also don't put up with any crap, and I don't feel sorry for myself or blame others if I fail, because only I can change me... if we are unable to learn from our past through the teachings of accurate history...then this country is in trouble.
  5. I'm not saying that slavery wasn't an issue... but it is history and we learn from the past.. or we should anyways...this country has to move forward or we are in trouble...therefore we treasure our history to ensure future generations are moving forward and become better... but that is not the case any more...respect is earned by how you represent yourself and treat others.. we should not demand respect. Give way to the selfish.. entitled.. spoiled non working brats.. mooching has become a norm.. we are not supposed to have our parents take care of us in every mean forever.. instead we are supposed to take care of our parents.. frankly I'm glad it's farming season.. keeps the exposure to human BS to a minimum...I'd rather sit in a tractor for twelve hours a day than continue to watch the crap on the news. It's like watching a third grade fight of "who broke my cookie.. I want a new cookie.. for free" sickening. Didn't the old Roman Empire end this way? Oh wait.. they tried to abolish history and look where it got them!
  6. Hope you are doing well! It's a shame that you have to sell some of your things... what kinds of things do you need help with Mike? Ms Tracy D
  7. This is a good find! I'm on the hunt for something similar to add to my collection. Looks like it will be a fun project. Ms Tracy D
  8. Pray for this country and our Veterans as idiots are removing statues of leaders of American history...what has this country become? Do these folks not understand what it means to live in the land of the free...or home of the brave ? Hang on to your history books... as it appears some are wiping it off the face of the earth... very sad.
  9. I just finished painting the doors today and the rest of the body which is a great feeling! I was given the old vintage Spinner knob as a gift and trust me after the first drive.. I need it lol! Lettering and wiring tomorrow! We are going to meet our deadline, but it wasn't without a lot of late nights and hard work! Ms Tracy D
  10. From the album Tdbach

    I am almost finished with the paint.. had one run in the drivers door but looks ok... just about there! Ms Tracy D
  11. Thank you! It was an awesome day to not only here the old truck run, but I'm the first one to drive the old Mack since my grandpa parked it 44 years ago! I love old work trucks and the restoration has taught me a lot about mechanics... beyond the farm years! Ms Tracy D