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  1. We cut the flaps because I had the same fear.. I cut them about three inches up and added chrome tips. It's all we could find as our infamous troopers said I had to have both.. funny I see a lot of bobtails and no rear fenders... is this common?
  2. I agree, they will stay black.. pretty easy to install and only had to drill two holes instead of four! Mud flaps are on as well! Car show on Saturday and then we are off to Drake Threshing show on Sunday. Fun time of year!
  3. Great grandpas 1946 Mack EGX truck
  4. Boy, The summer is flying by and we are getting ready for car and truck shows and threshing shows here in ND! Robert and I have started a tradition...we drive our regular vehicles to work Monday through Friday, and on the weekends, it is classic vehicles or tractors only! There is something great about getting up early on a Saturday and Sunday morning, the air is crisp, the sun is shining, and my a**hole of a Rooster is crowing away...and you open the garage door...There she sits...waiting patiently to roll on out to breakfast with the family at the Four Seasons Diner. The doors squeak as you open them using 71 year-old door parts...pump the brakes three times (Vacuum Brake Booster), and push the floor start...the hum and whistle of a little diesel motor. As we roll on to breakfast, people wave and give the thumbs up, and many are patient as we reach her top speed of 45mph...some are not so patient (younger generations), but give them time in life and they will learn to slow down. Sunday morning the 1960 Chevy comes out for breakfast, and for Church on Saturday night we take his grandpa's 48 Chevy car. The old Mack is getting ready for her first gooseneck hauling trip on September 9th (Drake Threshing Show), where the old truck is going to haul my 1928 Twin Cities 17-28 tractor, and our FFA Restored 1939 Allis Chalmers B, with 1 Row Cultivator and possibly a little 1948 Case SC (That I just finished for a Vietnam Veteran). This is my favorite time of year and I cannot wait to get rolling! Here's to a great start to fall! Ms. Tracy D. Many have asked me to start my business of tractor and old truck painting, so it is in the early stages of development, but here is the link:
  5. BillyT: it will have the 48 case black trim.. should be ready for assembly this weekend!! My Vietnam veteran is going to be quite happy!
  6. A call for riots

    Indeed.. these poor kids grow up confused, they get bullied and then end up in our prison system when they finally snap... then we pay for them for the rest of their confused lives... didn't the Roman Empire fall because of stuff like this? History repeating itself. Or like with other fads.. do we sit back and simply let them battle with themselves? i don't care what people are or they are not as long as they support my beliefs as well, or not support my beliefs but leave me the heck alone...that's what a community is supposed to be...but that's not what's happening at all. I'm pretty neutral most of the time but some folks are bringing out the best in me.. im working on starting my own restoration business because I can't take it anymore.. even if I say "I respect you as a person.. please also respect me." I'm shunned. I'm also quite tired of non working confused cry babies who think they are entitled to govt assistance.. health care.. govt paid sex changes.. who do they think pays for all that? It's the single dad working two or three jobs.. it's the truck drivers hauling goods across the country.. it's the waitress working 12 to 16 hours at a small diner.. it's military folks.. police.. electricians.. all paid for off the backs of working folks.. no matter the race.. gender.. culture.. we don't work.. they don't get their govt check.. hey there's a new concept! I quit.. lol! I vote that I as a tax payer should have the right to choose which programs my tax dollars go towards.. based on my beliefs.. what's wrong with that? Also why do they need their own bathrooms? Why can't they use the "family " restroom? You know.. the single bathroom designed for any gender? Ugh.. drama! Adults can do what they please with themselves.. but don't force a kid into transgender roles just because it's a fad.. and I as a tax payer don't think I should have to pay for someone to convert themselves because they are confused over which body parts they should have or how they swing... I mean it's pretty simple folks.. just like in cattle if it drops, swings as a pair, or hikes a leg.. probably a bull.. if it squats, comes into heat..or has swinging teats.. probably a cow... if it has both.. it goes in the freezer.. Remember... if you think the grass in your pastures is greener on the other side it's just because it's fertilized with bullsh**. Ok, I'm off the soap box...
  7. A call for riots

    That's my thoughts exactly... abuse .. the kid doesn't know what transgender is
  8. A call for riots

    I'm a woman and I agree.. you gotta be able to work and do the job. I also agree that there are some jobs that a woman should leave to a man. Just my opinion because there are just some things I cannot do. I was raised that the man is head of the house... I'm old fashioned but believe society has diminished the role of the man in the household and maybe one of the reasons for broken societies.. maybe not the right word but you know what I'm getting at. I think the union can protect employees from bad employers some of the time, but when I worked for LSI aviation.. the union prevented us from firing unsafe, nonworking dirtbags.. and cost us a lot in dues for little progress on pay and benefits.. so for the most part I don't agree with unions and I don't think employees should be forced into union contracts. Unions had their place back when people wanted to work.. now that people don't want to work it's getting abused.
  9. A call for riots

    Some folks need can be tough for sure!
  10. A call for riots

    It's not my place to judge.. however I do raise an eyebrow every now and then
  11. A call for riots

    Ha! So here's one for ya.. the word is spreading that I restore old trucks and tractors.. paint. So this guy calls today and asks for "Tracy" says he's got an Oliver tractor that's needs painting and some light mechanical.. I said "you're speaking to her". He says " you are a woman? ". I said yep.. last time I checked.. he hung up the phone.. I called him back thinking he lost the connection and he was polite but simply said "I'm not interested any more" so I asked him if he could explain why since we hadn't even talked money.. he says, "women don't know a whole lot about tractors and needed to find someone who did". So I rattled off the make, model.. from the pics he sent before he called and some other wiring and fuel bowl/ starter O ring and other gasket stuff that needs to be removed before paint.. he says " how much for paint and wiring and asked me about wet seal on starter.." I said " not interested if a man doesn't know the parts on his own tractor". Hung up the phone.. I deal with that a lot, so they get to see other folks who have had a vehicle or tractor painted by me.. eventually they'll come around or they can pay the outrageous prices to have someone else do it. I laugh..
  12. A call for riots

    I'll stick to oldMacks, tractors, and cattle... or I'll need to get a pair of hip waders because the crap is getting deep ha! So I went to church on Sunday morning and a woman brings her 7 year old son in.. dressed in a dress.. girls flip flops and a shaved head.. his name was Christopher.. I would like to know what people were thinking... his mom said "he's transgender". What the he** in farm country? What is the world coming to?