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  1. Yep, steering pin is over the front tire.. it's a pretty neat little tractor! Will be done in a week or so!
  2. Gus only had one mirror.. I'm replacing the big mirror with a period correct round mirror shortly. I agree that it would make it look more symmetrical with two!
  3. Yes this is the original bumper.. lots of straightening.. heavy duty
  4. From the album Tdbach

    Heading back to Mn for Waubun days parade!! Feels good to have everything finished! New fenders next week!
  5. Old Gus has 81 miles on it so far! Runs like a champ! Getting it ready for the Waubun days parade this weekend! I'm finishing the bumper tonight and it will get rear fenders next week. Almost complete! Tracy D
  6. From the album Tdbach

    This is my next project.. restoration of a 1948 case Sc for a Vietnam veteran. He doesn't know it yet but this restoration will be free for him as he battled cancer and served his country.. I need to buy him some new wheels and tires .. cheap if anyone has anything available for this tractor.. Ms. Tracy D.
  7. Teach em young! Great pic!
  8. Ok, hunted and begged for window patterns, especially for the doors, as I had no clue what the dimensions were with some of the major components missing in the doors. Flat glass, tempered etc. is relatively cheap...curved glass so much. After hunting everywhere, and getting turned down everywhere, I found a ratrod glass company: Saunders Glass in Washington, they were cheap at about 180.00 for both side windows, tempered class and 18 x30 about 200.00 to ship, arrived in perfect condition and great customer support. They actually had the correct pattern. The front glass was NOT fun...the chrome pieces were rusted, and it was a nightmare to pull the two chrome pieces apart, but we did it with a lot of WD-40. So our issue: We could not find a replacement seal for the front window at the time we were installing the glass between the two chrome pieces. So we used the old seal, a little urethane and it we put it back we found a seal. I do not recommend putting that seal in without taking the two chrome pieces back apart, it can be done, but you will stab yourself with a pick. Lesson learned, find the correct seal before installation. Flat glass was 150.00 Rear window was easy, cost: 145.00 Lock bead/seal... make sure you have the proper tool as it will make the process go a lot easier...I did not have the proper tool, so I got creative and used a lockring pliers and dawn dishsoap...worked flawless, just be careful so the end of the lockring pliers doesn't puncture your seal as you are locking it in place...especially in the corners! Side windows... will continue this story this evening...they were the hardest part of this entire damn truck! (From a woman's perspective fellas may have easier tips and tricks, but I learned the hard way!) Ms. Tracy D.
  9. We had the same issues on the old 46 Mack, so I took the welder and added a smooth line to the top of the stationary piece above the door catch. I had two people slam my old Mack's doors...they were warned that if they wanted to keep their fingers, that they would not touch the old truck again. Why do people have to touch everything...why can't they just ask first. Anyway, we still have some issues but the doors work MUCH better with the extra weld. (We had even cut a bigger adjustment area and it worked somewhat). Im not sure about the other models but please make sure you check the rotating catch because each one is marked (R for right, L for left), and you should see them if they are on correctly...on the EGX1D model that is. Tracy
  10. Very sorry to hear this
  11. Ok, we have one more video to share, and it is of grandma driving old Gus. She almost took out my uncle's car but she said "I'm just swinging it wide" Ha! She's so funny, Here's the video: