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New rear fenders for Gus#9


Adding final show touches for this weekend.. fenders look good!  Debating whether to keep them black or paint them... I'm also adding a touch of chrome to the mud flaps! 

Ms Tracy D 

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My vote is for no paint.   The fenders are going to get more abuse from stones coming off the tires them the rest of the truck.  They prob will look better painted at first, but I don't think they would hold up.   

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ya i would also leave them black especially with chrome on the mudflaps you can always change your mind later.....would probably look real good either way.....bob

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I agree, they will stay black.. pretty easy to install and only had to drill two holes instead of four!   Mud flaps are on as well! Car show on Saturday and then  we are off to Drake Threshing show on Sunday.  Fun time of year!  


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Careful with the flaps that close to the ground.  When your backing up and they hit something (high grass, uneven ground) the bottom of the flap can get pushed against the tire. Then the rotation of the tire is enough to rip the flap off.    

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We cut the flaps because I had the same fear.. I cut them about three inches up and added chrome tips.  It's all we could find as our infamous troopers said I had to have both.. funny I see a lot of bobtails and no rear fenders... is this common? 

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TD it is not only common but pretty much standard procedure among major carriers to run mudflaps n the back and quarter fenders in front of the wheels, as when the fifth wheel gets a little worn and you turn a corner fenders get ripped off or damaged! Of course with a gooseneck this isn't a problem! You can keep your fenders shiny with armor all or a product called "Back to Black" sold at wal mart or auto parts stores. It's designed to use on the plastic cladding on new vehicles!

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