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  1. B-42. Your response is awesome! I think you are right.. Grandma always knows best!!
  2. Thanks Bob!!! We are on the hunt to restore another Mack! Should be fun!
  3. July 14th bring a Mack truck Paul! We are having an old fashioned barn dance!
  4. Thank you, we are pretty excited.. Robert says he finally found a “mule for his wagon” ha!!
  5. We have been off of the site for a few months cleaning shops to start another project... I have to stop and thank the good Lord today... Old Gus #9 carried my grandparents when they first got married and will get to now carry Robert and I as we start our new journey as a married couple... folks.. I found my best friend. Robert and I met on July 14th of 2016... and we will be married on July 14th of 2018... and it just so happens to fall on the same Saturday that we met... Robert and I work on a lot of old trucks but old Gus has our hearts.. I am working on a book called Old Iron... because I
  6. From the album: Tdbach

    Car show in Garrison today.. the little Case I painted took first in the tractor division..(he was pretty happy!). And the Mack took first in Chamber of Commerce pick.. and second in People's Choice! Awesome!!
  7. We cut the flaps because I had the same fear.. I cut them about three inches up and added chrome tips. It's all we could find as our infamous troopers said I had to have both.. funny I see a lot of bobtails and no rear fenders... is this common?
  8. I agree, they will stay black.. pretty easy to install and only had to drill two holes instead of four! Mud flaps are on as well! Car show on Saturday and then we are off to Drake Threshing show on Sunday. Fun time of year!
  9. From the album: Tdbach

    Adding final show touches for this weekend.. fenders look good! Debating whether to keep them black or paint them... I'm also adding a touch of chrome to the mud flaps! Ms Tracy D
  10. From the album: Tracy

    I finished decals and paint.. just in time for ND Threshing shows!!! Hope I have a happy customer today!!
  11. From the album: Tdbach

    All went well with about 19,000 pounds.. off to Drake Threshing show this weekend! I love this old Mack Truck
  12. From the album: Tracy

    Almost done with the Case!! Anyone want a Mack Restored?
  13. Boy, The summer is flying by and we are getting ready for car and truck shows and threshing shows here in ND! Robert and I have started a tradition...we drive our regular vehicles to work Monday through Friday, and on the weekends, it is classic vehicles or tractors only! There is something great about getting up early on a Saturday and Sunday morning, the air is crisp, the sun is shining, and my a**hole of a Rooster is crowing away...and you open the garage door...There she sits...waiting patiently to roll on out to breakfast with the family at the Four Seasons Diner. The doors squ
  14. BillyT: it will have the 48 case black trim.. should be ready for assembly this weekend!! My Vietnam veteran is going to be quite happy!
  15. From the album: Tracy

    This little tractor is growing on me. Painted it up yesterday.. hope to have it all done by the end of the week.. Bob is going to be pretty happy I think!
  16. Indeed.. these poor kids grow up confused, they get bullied and then end up in our prison system when they finally snap... then we pay for them for the rest of their confused lives... didn't the Roman Empire fall because of stuff like this? History repeating itself. Or like with other fads.. do we sit back and simply let them battle with themselves? i don't care what people are or they are not as long as they support my beliefs as well, or not support my beliefs but leave me the heck alone...that's what a community is supposed to be...but that's not what's happening at all. I'm pret
  17. That's my thoughts exactly... abuse .. the kid doesn't know what transgender is
  18. I'm a woman and I agree.. you gotta be able to work and do the job. I also agree that there are some jobs that a woman should leave to a man. Just my opinion because there are just some things I cannot do. I was raised that the man is head of the house... I'm old fashioned but believe society has diminished the role of the man in the household and maybe one of the reasons for broken societies.. maybe not the right word but you know what I'm getting at. I think the union can protect employees from bad employers some of the time, but when I worked for LSI aviation.. the union prevented us fr
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