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Mack B67 END673 engine removal/replacement


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Will be removing the 673 from our restored B-67 due to blow-by issues. Is it easiest to remove transmission first? Thinking of replacement engine, noticed past discussions. Has anyone replaced with IH DT466? I can pick up a rebuilt at a great price. Or, is a Cummins the better choice?

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Just swapped my motor.  Pull the front end off, engine comes out easily.  Just have to hold the tailshaft of the transmission as the mount is in the front and that holds that end it up fine.



A fellow did a DT466/auto swap a few years ago.  It is a small motor, so it should fit in really easy.  I'd have to do a search and find the thread where he built the truck.

Found the link:


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I don't think the 466 will fit.  On our b67 the motor is tucked into a dog house already.    If I remember phantom309 had to put dog house into his and he had a standard length hood.    I think he used a sink if I rember.   Also the motor is set in leaning to the right to make room for the drivers feet.   I think you will run into turbo clearence issues.     From what I've been told they did make turbo b67's so it is possible with the proper tools.    ( torch & welder)

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38 minutes ago, Maddog13407 said:

466 wont fit easy, water pump shaft is too long, and why would you wanna? open a can of worms with motor mounts and everything else. find a 237, drop it in with a few mods. 

What will it take for exhaust manifold?    I don't think a standard one will clear turbo will it?

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I'm guessing its a different manifold then the b61.     I'd like to see a picture of a turbo b67 if anyone has one.        Back to original question a b series 5.9  cummins  would prob fit since its only 360 cubic inch.    If you'd step up to the 8.3 prob run back into body clearence issues.    Overhaul would prob be most practical option. 

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2 hours ago, JMBFC said:

Thanks for all of the info. Sounds like the DT466 would not be worth it. Any rebuild kits out there for the END673? Would the 237 be an exact fit?


Would prefer to keep it all Mack.

I think it's a really close fit with a few mods. Read Freighttrains thread "237 flywheel" and it's pretty extensive on what he did putting a 237 in his b model. Click on thread below to read.


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might need to do some manifold shopping to get a 237 in there but its basically a bolt in fit. some early 237's used the bigger turbo and a manifold that mounted the turbo up high. the newer ones used the smaller turbo and it was mounted to the side more. they fit them in DM's, I'm sure it will fit in a B67


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