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  1. Thanks for all of the info. Sounds like the DT466 would not be worth it. Any rebuild kits out there for the END673? Would the 237 be an exact fit? Would prefer to keep it all Mack.
  2. Will be removing the 673 from our restored B-67 due to blow-by issues. Is it easiest to remove transmission first? Thinking of replacement engine, noticed past discussions. Has anyone replaced with IH DT466? I can pick up a rebuilt at a great price. Or, is a Cummins the better choice?
  3. I researched the correct Mack part number for my brake drums (17QJ3186), but now need the aftermarket cross reference. Any help would be great!!!! Hasn't anyone replace drums for their 1964 B67??
  4. Thanks for the link. I did research and find the Mack part number is 17QJ3186. I tried finding a cross reference chart but the one I found Web Wheel had every Mack number but mine. Any cross reference charts out there?
  5. We're doing a front brake job on our 1964 B Model. Front axle FA505 with 10.00/22 tires. We need brake drum part numbers. Any help would beappreciated. We did find what looks like the following on the drum (17OJ3186) then what appears to be a casting number (66205). Thanks so much
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