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First thought-surplus trailer from a steel mill-haulijng ingots whatever. Then thinking- New England? Maybe hauling big stone for waterfront projects. Case in point, I'm involved in a beach restoration project now and spec calls for 5-6 ton "toe stone" as first course. that would be a hunk of granite about 4 x 4 x 4. How do you move that stuff? Chain it on a flat or lowboy? or maybe some heavy low sideboard dump- loaded by grapple or chain-off loaded same way???

In any case beauty of an R model!

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I think i remember it having D rings welded down sides so probably hauled large rock

Did you haul rock out of Stony creek pink granite to gate way this past summer for jetty project going on in New Haven harbor with the 28 ft rock trailers.O&G has trailers with no sides to haul concrete sections of road section back to recycle crusher .


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Hope you don't mind me adding a pic. This was new at my local dealer back in the day. I think this is one of the ones that ended up in our local steel mill pulling a big 100 ton float.

If not, they did have two just like it.

I think it's the tall rubber that makes it look like that.

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