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Old school truck lettering

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With the proliferation of do it fast do I want it done now the art of hand lettering has gone by the wayside I am considering lettering my RS myself I have learned gunstock making and engraving myself so this should be a fun project. Its all design and proportion and some artistic talent I have not decided whether to letter my truck in western style or circus lettering.

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Awesome job!

My grandpa did that kind of lettering on trucks.

And hand lettering of signs.

I was 9 when he passed away

from throat cancer

And he to took the talent with him. None of his 4

Children learned a thing about it no interest to them.

He striped as well like you see on lots of old newengland trucks

And similar to yours jackb61sx How long did it take him to do your truck?

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When my Dad worked for Banana Distributors they hired a guy to letter the 5 trailers they had at the time. Big letters that took up the whole side of the trailer. I think he may have been homeless because he was local but slept in the building at night. Then again, in that neighborhood it could've been a case of self preservation if he was working until dusk. He put an S on the end of "Point" for Hunts Point Ave and they just left it that way.


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not sure how these pictures will turn out, but this tow truck is ALL hand painted by Rick Bendi. All of their trucks are hand lettered. Pictures don't do it justice. My truck was lettered by an old timer, Bill "jive" Jarvis. These guys truly are artists




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Thought I had a close up,but we had the Cruiseliner hand painted instead of vinyl . Guy came from close to 2 hrs. away and cost was almost the same.


That truck looks awesome. I like the hand lettering, looks so much nicer than vinyl. It seems like a lot of guys around here still get their stuff hand lettered.

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