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Kenworth Celebrates Millionth Truck Delivery


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Heavy Duty Trucking / December 24, 2014

Kenworth celebrated the delivery of its one millionth truck to TransAm Trucking of Lathe, Kan. The 91 year-old truck manufacturer held a ceremony to celebrate the milestone at the Kenworth assembly plant in Chillicothe, Ohio.

The truck was a T680 Advantage with the 455 horsepower PACCAR MX-13 engine and a factory installed Kenworth aerodynamic package. TransAm Trucking has a fleet of over 1,400 trucks and 2,400 trailers and operates over 1,000 Kenworth Class 8 trucks.

“We’ve received excellent performance from our Kenworth T680s with the PACCAR MX-13 engine,” said Russ McElliott, president of TransAm. “Our partnership with Kenworth and MHC Kenworth continues to be very productive and successful.”

Kenworth was founded in 1923 in Seattle and has grown from producing less than 100 trucks annually to more than 45,000 in 2014, the second highest amount in company history.

“The production and delivery of our one millionth truck caps off an outstanding year for Kenworth,” said Gary Moore, Kenworth general manager and vice president at PACCAR.



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Around here most of all the big construction and paving company's are switching to Kenworth,owner operators as well,I'm sure its not about durability of the truck but more about attracting the best drivers with the comfort features of a Kenworth,Lets face it,Mack could care less about driver comfort, the guys that do a lot of off road work are still sticking with Macks because with out a doubt they are still the toughest truck built.

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It is Olathe, Kansas (pronounced O-layth-a) being that I am from Maine and not from the "Show Me State" I get schooled a lot on the pronunciation colloquialisms of the Towns. Hell, I didn't know Missouri had an "A" at the end but to here some of theses guys pronounce it .


"I reject your reality and substitute my own."


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well i really like my T660,,,and thier pretty trouble free,,,dont know how many macks,thier moving these days but mack will always be my favorite...i know from 1968-1970,,they sold more macks here in USA than all other makes put together,,,or atleast thats what i read years ago...bob

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