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Look at what I got


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are those flip flop tan lines I see?.............who's got time to lay around and sun bathe............must be nice!

Down under they call those "WORK" shoes, I use that term loosely,lol

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"Any Society that would give up a little LIBERTY to gain a little SECURITY will Deserve Neither and LOSE BOTH" -Benjamin Franklin

"If your gonna be STUPID, you gotta be TOUGH"

"You cant always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you get what you need"

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ok you blokes got me there shoes what are they for we dont call them flip flops we call them thongs or Japanese safety boots , and as for shorts thats all I have I dont have any long pants I had to go down to Glen Innes in NSW high country minus 12 c froze my wicky wot not off the blokes down there thought it was as funny as :D

At least his dong isn't hanging down in the picture.

It's not that bloody long wouldnt no what to do with it even if it was :lol:



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