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Sorry really didn't know what to say. I'm new to forums. Crowville is in NELA approximately 45 min south of Monroe. I have worked on everything from lawn mowers to airplanes and yes a lot of diesels. I make my main living as a LA Wildlife Agent but work on cars, trucks, tractors, and whatever else has a engine. NO BOATS!!!!!!! Thanks for the welcome and hope i can help out one day.

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NO I don't work on boats. I know that the common misconception is that everyone from Louisiana is a coon ass, was born on a pirogue, while listening to zydeco music, and looks and talks like WATER BOY..... :D But we don't.. I do have a pirogue that I use to squirrel hunt, love the taste of alligator meat, frog legs, and gar, alas I am not a coon ass... :blah:

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