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  1. Check your tank for trash.. Don't laugh but I found a ping pong ball in a tank one time. It would bounce around in tank until getting lodge on the suction line and once stopped it would fall off. This was a long diagnosis. DONT KNOW HOW IT GOT THERE....some things will never be explained..
  2. I have recently found that my block is trashed.. I am looking for one for a E7, 4 valve, casting #239GB5518-M. I am really only interested in the block being that I already have a complete liner kit with new gaskets and all. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Ok guys, I've pulled all the liners, got a new kit and was about to install. I used a new liner just to see how it would fit into the holes. The liner will slide down into 2,3,4,5,&6 but #1 seems to be tight. Anyone know what the bore spec on the block should be? Don't want this thing to screw up again.
  4. Nice food plot oh and J. Hancock those big ass flash lights are fun until you see those blue lights behind you.... Just ask several of the people I've put in jail...LOL
  5. what was the reasoning behind going to silicone in the first place
  6. Wheeler 73 I think you hit the nail on the head. I removed three of the liners today and found silicone pressed down the sides. the counter bores look fine. going back with another kit and making sure not to use but an 1/8 inch bead. Thanks... I also talked to a Mack shop in this area and with the cracks being side ways he said the same thing you did....don't know why in the world Mack would go from a seal to sealant...
  7. I almost come to that same conclusion.... Wow that gonna hurt!!!!
  8. NO I don't work on boats. I know that the common misconception is that everyone from Louisiana is a coon ass, was born on a pirogue, while listening to zydeco music, and looks and talks like WATER BOY..... But we don't.. I do have a pirogue that I use to squirrel hunt, love the taste of alligator meat, frog legs, and gar, alas I am not a coon ass...
  9. Sorry really didn't know what to say. I'm new to forums. Crowville is in NELA approximately 45 min south of Monroe. I have worked on everything from lawn mowers to airplanes and yes a lot of diesels. I make my main living as a LA Wildlife Agent but work on cars, trucks, tractors, and whatever else has a engine. NO BOATS!!!!!!! Thanks for the welcome and hope i can help out one day.
  10. with the outside temp the way it is right now and with all systems pretty much the same. It also sounds like you trying to get by with what you got. Vacuum it down, and then add refrigerant (see what I did there. I didn't say Freon) until your low pressure reads in between 42 and 48. With this if your high pressure is staying below 300 you should be fine and your compressor should run fine. I understand what KEcorbin is saying and it is the best way. But some people just need it to work so they can use it.
  11. Used a small bead of silicone when assembling the engine. I had no problem pressing the liners in and they were all flush with the block. I haven't removed the liners yet but will do so tomorrow. With this happening before it kinda throwing a red flag. I've built many engines and this is the first one I've ever seen with liners crack side ways. I've seen them cracked up and down because of scoring or heat but this is new to me. My first thought was maybe the owner or one of his employees used ether on it, locked it up, and kept trying to start it. But, that was when I thought only 3 and 4 were cracked. Being that they are companion cylinders and cracked in almost the same exact location. To much pressure in the cylinders was in my mind but I'm not sure. By the way thanks for your help...
  12. cracks are about mid ways down and located on the side toward the rear of the block.
  13. Hey guys I am having serious problems with an engine. I did a complete rebuild last year after finding both heads cracked and all 6 liners cracked. I installed all new liners and new heads. Made approximately 6 loads with the truck last year and this year made two and it started blowing water from the coolant tank. Upon removing the heads I again found 2,3,4,5 cylinders with cracks. The cracks are not up and down. They are side ways in the liners. I need help to determine what could be causing this. Thanks for any input..
  14. I am from Crowville Louisiana. Have been a mechanic for 20 years.
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