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Cleaning rust out of double chassis

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There were a few sections of the chassis that had a bit of growth so we thought we would attack it and try clean it up while we are doing it up.

It didn't look so bad, but when we pulled it apart looks a bit worse then I thought. Anyway, I've been working on this for the past 2 days, I'll keep the pics coming as I continue.



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I remember way back cutting the double rails off my B model. Same thing, rust spreading. Didn't need the additional support anymore anyway. Lucky they started just under cab and came off easily, once everything was unbolted off the frame.



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I always find it amusing how depending on what part of the world your from depends on how bad something can look all a matter of what you are used to I guess ?

In Australia on cattle trucks they would fit grease lines and nipples (zerks I think you Yanks call them) on blocks some were convienient to force grease in between chassis rails as cattle trailers were normal trailers with crates built on them and all pi$$ and $hit would leak through and get between the rails and rust them reel bad it amazes me when you lot in the states do these rails no one ever fits these grease lines to stop it happening again

Did Mack paint between these rails when new ? fair bit of work ahead of you there Tim


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Paul, it doesn't look like there was any paint in between the rails. I'm gonna use some rust kill epoxy paint to prevent it from happening again.

I know what you guys are on about, I've seen some pics in here where they have cut them off and welded new rails on. I guess mine is more like a prevention job.

What do people use to fill the pitts left from rust? I know it's purely for cosmetics, but I was thinking of using body filler on them.

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This is it after it had been chiseled, grinded, wire brushed and sanded.


This is after some rust converter.


And applying some paint. I'm using white knight rust kill epoxy. Should be better than nothing...

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Thanks Paul. Quiet times allow for a bit more work in the shed. I'm actually really enjoying it, although I've taken my time and there is no dead line. I've also discovered a few tools along the way to make the left hand side a lot easier. Having said that, I wouldn't wanna do this sorta job too often.

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Looks done well.

I hope it will work for you longer than original unpained rails.

There was written on here about grease fittings before.

It seems to me as not a bad idea.


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