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The French Mack?

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Some European countries had some interesting rules on headlights. Headlight covers featured as OEM on vehicles in Europe came to the US and the headlight covers were not allowed by the DOT. Lots of things have changed because there are all sorts of wacky looking headlights now.


It doesn't cost anything to pay attention.

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that re cabbed B has US headlight panels and added corner marker lights, just looks weird.

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just to add to the mix... a few ramblings :whistling:

French headlights of the 60's were mandated to be yellow.... we had to buy yellow covers that refracted the low beam when we took our car 'by sea' from UK to France... driving on the 'wrong side' of the road took some getting used to.. :blush:

over the years the European lighting regulations have standardised to the now EU directives... it was always interesting in the 1960/70's to see German and Italian 'lorries' in the UK as they had different positions for lights and signals that were made by Bosch rather than our Lucas crap, we Brits were still using Semaphore arms on our Morris Minors..!!!!

by the mid 50's the imposed UK 20mph speed limit for any vehicle over 5 tons was removed... and the rear turn signals on a London bus were BOTH on the right side of the back panel..!!!

my very first, and only, fail at a goverment annual test was on a new volvo F88 tractor unit, the rear reflectors were mounted hanging from rubber arms, fine in Sweden but the UK DOT needed it to be rigid.... two 12" pieces of flat bar and some pop rivets later it passed...

the 'wide vehicle' three centre roof lights common on US trucks for years were never on any of the trucks I saw then other than on a few F700's and K100's which were imported from the US until the homogolation rules stopped imports without airbrake conversions.... no brakes on front axle were banned but I still saw them on pre-war Scammells.... grandfather rights I presume.

just goes to show how everything seems to have standardised worldwide...

BC Mack

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I think we've spoken about those strange cabs before.

As far as I know some Mack chassis were imported to Europe as a chassis/cowl form.

It probably allowed to save cost using local-bulit cabs.

If the memory serves me good there's written in the Dutch Mack book there were 7 different suppliers of cabs for B-model.

There's also the photo in the same book of the B-model in the street with the driver by the wheel but with no cab!

The head lights in France were limited by height so many vehicles had them removed lower.

My second NR-model was in French army and the lights were not on original L-model brackets but on the hand made ones on the bumper.




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Hello everybody, some explanation, all the Mack B in this topic are made in France, in the Bernard factory. The black and marroon was completely rebuilt by an friend of mine, in the north of France and he exposed it in different show in Europe. I think the Nederlands guys see it in the Mackdag recently. The red B has an sleeper cab made in the west of France, in Brittany by Pelpel. Concerning the light, you in the US have sealed beam, in Europe these lights are prohibited so we have beam with bulbs (h4, h1 or something like that)

I try to explain to you with my bad English and I hope you understand what I want to said, be gentle with an little french :whistling:

Cool info!

I'm shure you must be an expert on this matter.

Никогда не бывает слишком много грузовиков! leversole 11.2012

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