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  1. Ford Everest

    More pictures of French army VLTP Everest
  2. Very ugly trucks but very smooth to drive
  3. Ford Everest

  4. Ford Everest

    Yes the French army bought 1000 Ford Ranger pick up only for use in Europe. The Everest was for all the operation in the world, Mali, Irak and all the place where the French army was deployed. The engine, in the Everest accept all type of diesel fuel, bad or good
  5. Ford Everest

    French Army choose the Everest, but with some difference. Ford built the body in his factory in South Africa, and send it in France in ACMAT who reinforced the box, take the engine, an 150hp diesel Renault
  6. A dream comes true

    Bienvenu Philippe sur ce forum, Welcome Philippe, in the forum.
  7. I think, the queen Elizabeth forget the General La Fayette and his French volunteers who came from France to help the American people in independence war greets from France
  8. BMT Forum Upgrade

    Hello Barry and everybody. Its very hard for an French guy to understand all the subtleties of this new site. I regrets the logo with the B and the Titan in red. But you right the speed is much better. Anyway long life to Bigmacktrucks. Erwan French enthusiast Mack trucks
  9. Merry Mackmas

    To everybody, Merry Christmas from France, Joyeux Noël à tous
  10. French trucks drivers prefer the magnum, more space in the cab and V8 E9 on some in 500, 520 and 560 hp
  11. Ugly but efficient
  12. Barry, for me, French guy, its good, more simply and I like it. Thank you
  13. Kenworth Launches Redesigned Medium-Duty COEs

    The cab is the same for V*l*o, Renault and Daf in Europe. Renault Trucks built this cab for everybody in Normandie, not far from Pegasus Bridge
  14. The French Mack?

    Hello everybody, some explanation, all the Mack B in this topic are made in France, in the Bernard factory. The black and marroon was completely rebuilt by an friend of mine, in the north of France and he exposed it in different show in Europe. I think the Nederlands guys see it in the Mackdag recently. The red B has an sleeper cab made in the west of France, in Brittany by Pelpel. Concerning the light, you in the US have sealed beam, in Europe these lights are prohibited so we have beam with bulbs (h4, h1 or something like that) I try to explain to you with my bad English and I hope you understand what I want to said, be gentle with an little french
  15. I find an picture of this beautiful truck when it was in use, on Flickr, in the gallery of Pacarhauler. Its look great with this trailer