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Real Tractor Pull


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This has been making the rounds on a few forums I frequent.

Bet that steam engine is 2-3x the weight of the newer version. Plus the 100% torque at zero of the steam engine gives it LOTS of advantage.



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Nice engine (and Mack). Been to Chambersburg show at Twin Bridges many years ago when they hosted the International Cockshutt Club. Nice show grounds. I will have to put your show on my 2014 calendar and try to attend.

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Thanks for the compliments, it is a lot of work keeping one of those engines going. Depending upon condition, most antique steam traction engines in PA run between 100 - 150 psi. A lap seam boiler (where the seam of the boiler is overlapped on itself and riveted) is only allowed 100 psi because it is a weaker design. A butt strap boiler ( the ends of the boiler at the seam are butted together, and a strap is riveted on the outside and inside of the boiler) is allowed to operate up to 150. A fun fact one other owner told me is that a square foot of steam at 100 psi has the same expansion force as 10 pounds of dynomite.

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